View Full Version : [AAR] Ramiel chopper fail & awesomness.

2009-06-21, 21:34
I was playing Ramiel and there was LB whoring with the cannons, shortly afterwards a BH joined...and they crashed in midair circling around ^^

Later on, a BH came over my head, maybe 20m up in the air, there was 2 technicals crossfiring, hit him so hard that engine failed, and they starded spinning around and crashed over the streetjust 10 m away. Just like BHD. Too bad that crew didnt survive. And too bad that I didnt record becaus if you intend to so such crash you cannot. ^^

15 seconds after this, LB came back in and got shot down instantly too ^^

2009-06-21, 21:52
I doubt BHs spin around in PR. Must have been awesome to be in that situation though.

2009-06-21, 22:09
The spinning sounds nice and you must have gotten lucky if it did actually spin because since the patch, i've had two crash landings and both times the BH didn't spin. The engines rocked the chopper a LOT before they finally gave our, but no spin.

Anyway, nice little story, crash landings are fun.

2009-06-21, 22:22
Yea i was in Both BH's :P

-What i saw was A LB pilot just whoring his guns to nothing and spinning arround like an idiot then my BH pilot stands 3 seconds still to let me shoot some Taliban ( killed 5 of them but it's just crazy a clan member was screaming on ventrilo '' WTF Tht gun has like 30 bullets a sec and it just wounds me A tiny lil bit.) then LB chrashed into the BH-_-

- Then i was Flying arround dropping inf then some1 in my squad Said he wants to be my door gunner i accepted tht and i stand still to let him shoot.
Bam got shot down out of my BH Hearing my Door gunner screaming wowowwow We r turning wowowwow.
Yea saw my BH spinning arround on the map. :P

2009-06-22, 04:41
Remains of it ^^

I was standing over to the right side of the street , BH came in over me, spun and crashed on the green house behind it, fell down when exploded though.


2009-06-22, 09:10
never hover to let someone shoot the miniguns allways keep movin ;)

2009-06-22, 10:07
never hover to let someone shoot the miniguns allways keep movin ;)


if you can, circle the target, iirc me and carebear had a good round doing that once, you'd be surprised how just going in a circle makes it hard for people with RPGs to hit you.

2009-06-22, 11:20
We had a nasty one this morning, Attack huey took of flew about 10metres, and then a trans chopper took of and mowed straight into the back of him, both blew up and the Attack Huey pilot (Matrox) got punished for about 8 teamkills ;(.

2009-06-22, 16:41
all that matrox's fault hes a right noob

2009-06-22, 17:15
all that matrox's fault hes a right nob

Fixed :p

Sounds like good stories though :D