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2009-06-20, 20:55
Sorry I don't have many screenshots, just some small clips, but I keep forgetting to take them.

We were Chechens and initially I had my squad and JouninSpriggan's squad working together on Mumble.

We moved to capture the hills west of the Train yard.

We setup a backup FO north of it and we started hearing russian tank sounds at the Train depot.

We moved in with our RPGs trying to do some damage and reporting their positions to the BRDM Spandrels.

Some shots were taken and the tanks started engaging us on the northern hills.

Then we saw all other control points fall to the russians and we got pushed all the way back to our main fortress.

We got in our trucks and rushed back to main for defense.

Our main problem was the tanks and we kept hearing them advance. They moved from the middle dirt road that goes from Wharehouse to Hilltop Estate, so they were coming SE of the Fortress.

All field guns were manned and waiting.

Rudd_Medicman joined as another inf squad and was coordinating with us on Mumble.

Both Spriggan and Rudd squads started moving towards Hilltop Estate while I stayed for defense with some other random blue guys.

And soon we got our chance to test the new field guns:

http://video.xfire.com/d8d6d-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/d8d6d/)

http://video.xfire.com/d8d78-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/d8d78/)

We were eventually attacked from the N/NE by an APC and infantry that got 3 of our AT guns destroyed. But we held them back as the spandrels advanced for our rescue and Spriggan's infantry squad counter attacked from their rear.

So we held against sniper fire, infantry squads trying to flank us, etc.

Eventually, Rudd and some other squad was able to recap Hilltop Estate, so both my squad and Spriggan's squad got in trucks and we advanced towards that initial hill west of the Train depot.

We got into the position without problems as there weren't any defenses setup.

I put both my HAT and LAT covering the road for incoming vehicles and we neutralized the position. Of course, the enemy came in force to retake it with 2 APCs and infantry. We were able to destroy one APC and the other one retreated after getting shot. Some infantry fighting and the position was still ours.

During our defense on that position, the rest of the team moved from Hilltop to the next CP SE of their position, E of Wharehouse. They were able to capture that position as well, so we started our plans to move out.

One of our trucks was destroyed, and we had 2 squads to transport. Spriggan went first and moved E on the roads to deploy S of the wharehouse. When he started coming back for us he got engaged by a tank and we lost our transport.

We were abandoned in the hills and still being attacked by infantry that kept coming from their FO south of the Train depot that we saw in our first attack on the Train yard. So we got overrun.

We got a new truck at main and advanced E to attempt an attack N of Village, that was the last russian position.

So at this point we had Rudd and some other squads defending the hill NW of Village, Spriggan moving W of Village and my squad moving N of Village. They were surrounded.

But we weren't that confident as they still had tanks and APCs and our attack was mainly infantry based.

As I started moving down the road towards village we saw an APC coming our way, so we immediatelly abandonned the truck and prepared to attack it. We got an RPG shot at it and the APC retreated.

We kept moving south in the forest until we reached the Village limits. A tank was there and we tried to engage it and he retreated. We moved in fighting some random infantry defenses and the tank came back.

But we were prepared :)

http://video.xfire.com/d8d84-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/d8d84/)

We captured the position and won the round.

Epic come back after getting pushed all the way back to our main base.

2009-06-20, 21:14
hell of a story, miss those games.
i only have sucky ones!

2009-06-20, 23:34
nice one DB

2009-06-21, 07:48
Was that really Masaq with the squeaky voice screaming "knife her(?)" on the last vid, or was that someone on Mumble? :p

2009-06-21, 07:52
that was a fun round, epic helms deep defence of fortress.

2009-06-21, 19:32
Was that really Masaq with the squeaky voice screaming "knife her(?)" on the last vid, or was that someone on Mumble? :p

Hahaha, no, that wasn't Masaq. It was Spriggan, he can get very excitable at times.

2009-06-22, 03:59
Yeah, spriggan talking on SL channel about some knife thing happening around his squad :roll:

He gets excited and rambles sometimes in the wrong channel :p

2009-06-22, 06:47
Yeah, that was an epic comeback. I was driving the spandrel checking out the destroyed tank at the end of video 1.