View Full Version : [AAR] Jabal Al Burj East Beach Defense

2009-06-20, 20:15
Little AAR for this fight we had last night on Jabal Al Burj.

We were USMC and got pushed all the way back to East Beach.

We got to work and built some defenses:



We were waiting for attacks that weren't coming. Just some random guys would show up on top of the eastern hills that were easily taken care of by calling some CAS by the hydra hueys.

Eventually some APC would show up but we would lase and call CAS so the northern desert and eastern hills were easy to clear, so we thought.

We knew it was coming, but we weren't seeing any movement so it was weird. But of course, reaching the 60 min mark...

http://video.xfire.com/d8d60-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/d8d60/)

As you can see we got our defenses destroyed by artillery and several machineguns started engaging the survivors from the eastern hills. Even after respawning on our RP, we still kept getting shot in the open and easily overrun. Only AncientMan survived, crying for reinforcements :p

We spawned at carrier and no transport choppers were available. Two APCs were leaving the carrier and we called for transport. They got us to the beach as soon as the CP was almost capped, so we stopped them.

They had one or two APCs there, and infantry that invaded the position. We started to battle them out with help from the APCs and the CAS that kept pounding the hills.

We were able to clear the area and retake the position in an epic counter-attack for that epic attack ;)

Good game.

2009-06-20, 21:32
oh yea :) sounds like an awesome combat experience wish i was there :D

2009-06-21, 00:44
No transport choppers available?
Yeah, I think we all left as after the first 6mins you didnt need us any more. I think that was a good sign for the teams ability!


2009-06-21, 02:57
I would have wished to be at those hills watching and laughing at those great defences just go down by some shells, and then lay down all that burst of lead into you all.

2009-06-21, 03:03
I kept telling db to go to West Beach, but nooooo... how about we just try and crush Silly by deploying assets on top of him instead?

2009-06-21, 07:59
Oh man, I called that arty on your guys and assaulted the flag, I kept asking the team for reinforcements because I knew you guys would come back, but only 1 squad came =\. And I was literally steamed when the flag stopped capping! But great counter attack DB!

2009-06-22, 04:02
hehe nice rangedReCon, good attack :)

2009-06-22, 06:43
I was in that game as one of the Transport Huey pilots. I had a crash landing in that game, got hit by AA, escaped, and got a good distance away from it before it exploded. The whole squad I was transporting survived too, but then I got killed by an APC.