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2009-06-17, 08:50
G'Day everyone,

There was a small problem we had with over who was lead. Most of us thort it was a joint lead by [R-DEV]Ancienman and [R-CON]Nedlands1. This was not the case as [R-DEV]Ancienman was under the impression that R-CON]Nedlands1 was lead and R-CON]Nedlands1 was under the impression that [R-DEV]Ancienman was lead.

This has all been resolved now over many PMs and many convos that i had with both of them. As it now stands i am now the ADF lead and will start getting the Faction's wheels rolling.

As it stands i need to know the following. I need everyone that has done work for the ADF to give me a PM with the work you did or are doing so i can get a list together of who is on the ADF team.

I also want to stress the need of team members, we really need to get some mappers that will see the map through to the end. If you wish to map for the ADF give me a PM and we will see where we go.

The team as it stands atm. If you have done work or are doing work for the ADF and your name is not here PM me and i will update it.

[R-DEV]tonnie15 - Lead, Models, Textures, Mapping, Small Animations, Coding, Sound and Public Relations

Team Members
[R-DEV]Chuc - Animations, Textures
[R-CON]WallyJas - Coding
Warpig - Mapping
anglomanii - Our behind the scenes info man!
[R-COM]Wilkinson mapper

Cheers for reading feel free to post here let us know what you think ;)
[R-DEV]tonnie15 - ADF Lead

2009-07-09, 13:30
Added anglomanii

2010-02-13, 03:32
Why does it say your retired Tonnie?

2010-02-13, 03:56
i believe this thread needs a bit of an update seeing as a lot of the people listed have either retired from modding, or are no longer involved in the project, is this correct?

2010-02-13, 04:12
Why does it say your retired Tonnie?

Tonnie is still in charge of the Australians but is busy with real life issues and cant devote as much time to the main mod, that is why he is retired.

2010-08-12, 03:32
How long has it been since an update was posted?

2010-08-12, 03:46
How long has it been since an update was posted?
A long time. Honestly, I can wait as long as it takes to get the ADF in game.

Tonnie is the horse drawing the cart and the donkey carrying the burden, so if he has to drop the faction for some IRL stuff thats fine with me.

2010-08-12, 12:21
I know its been awile guys and i am still working on it from time to time but it is becoming a hassle due to the fact there really is no-one else in the team other then myself these days,

If your willing to help and can do ANY of the following please for the love of god tell me.

CONVERT THE BETA RELEASE CANDIDATE INTO CURRENT PR VERSION COMPATIBLE ( Including everything from kit requests ect... this is our major hold back atm.)

Kit exports,
3d static models

And not needed now but we will need

vehicle coders
weapon coders

Now that thats out lol i feel much better :P

tonnie out

2010-09-22, 02:47
Alright tonnie well it's been a long time and I've tried a few things on my own and failed pretty hard.

If you're willing to sit with me on teamspeak & teamviewer and walk me through what I need to do once, I learn pretty quickly and should be able to take care of stuff from then on. So let me know and I'll help in any way possible.

- I have no creative flair, so please don't ask for anything artistic because you will be disappointed
- Degree in computer science but it's been ages since I did any real code so it'll take me a while to get back into the swing of things
- No dramas picking up any programs I might need

I'm not sure what's involved in kit exports and UV mapping, but I believe there is a tutorial for the UV mapping somewhere in the community modding section... not sure if it's the same thing though.

Is this the tutorial I should learn for this uv mapping thing?

Or is there a different method for BF2?

2010-09-22, 07:13
Do you have a of tasks which need to be completed, who is responsible for providing them etc. etc. I am more than happy to help out with the coordination of effort (tracking status, hassling for updates etc.) - unlike Psyrus I don't have any skills with the doing...but am good at making sure people do them..if that makes any sense ;)

2010-09-22, 08:29
Dear DEV team,

I would be happy to help out in any way i can for the ADF faction.
You can view some of my work at
Graphical Adventures - BigD Gaming Community (http://www.bigdgaming.net/showthread.php?&p=219935#post219935)
or at my youtube channel

I use: Blender 3D 2.49 aswell as 2.54
Sony vegas

2010-09-22, 10:10
sure mate ill pm you in the coming days with some work we need done ;)

2010-09-24, 05:46
Im learning to weapon code, i have made a few adjustments to the vanilla BF2 folder just to see if i could actually do it. I have succeeded in some things but not all, and every animation vid i have watched just confuses the hell out of me so yeah. I have 3ds max 9 i just dont know how to use it or the bf2 editor. if someone would teach me i'd be glad to help out. :-o