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2009-06-15, 23:40
Here's a warm up. 2:20 was awesome.

Anyways, part 2 (real flight) coming later today.


2009-06-16, 00:51
Lol Rulzz, nice video.

Noticed you dont use your other views when flying at all. Why is that?

Iv made a similar video and it seems to me its easier to fly with those views.

YouTube - Project Reality 0.85- Formation Flight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17GDgQnCVY)

2009-06-16, 03:11
You HAD to post your video here haha.

Because I can't find the button man...

If you wanna fly with 4 other guys, PM me your Xfire ralf. Time to do REAL formation flight.

2009-06-16, 03:36
Im sorry, i can edit it out and erase, it, i dont mean to top u off, i still like ur video.

If you want, i can help u set it up.

I had troubel too, but then i found out that those views are actually weapon slots.

I think like f6-7-8, or 7-8-9. So if u have HAT keys on ur joystick, just make those ur buttons.

If u want il make a picture of what i mean.

2009-06-16, 03:41
Will try every button my keyboard :p

2009-06-16, 04:06
Ok, so i figured out this,

key 1 is no radar
key 2 is aim 9
key 3 is aim 120
key 4 is bombs
keys 5 and 6 are blank

keys 7 is look left
key 8 is look up
key 9 is look right

So what i have done is this

On that joystick which is mine, are two HAT buttons, and i use them for the looking around, i use top HAT keys and have left set as key 7, up key 8, right key 8, and down as key 1 to disable radar, and go back to normal cockpit mode, otherwise ul be stuck in the side views.

I use the bottom HAT keys to rotate through my weapons and switch to whatever i want.

My throttle has the flares and the other stuff i need, etc.

2009-06-16, 04:24
Yeah got the same pricy joystick, but I only use it when playing flight sim.

BF= mouse and keyboard.

If you want to fly right now, tonight, add me on xfire: undergroundkiller

2009-06-16, 19:13
Nice video.
Lolz at the guy that kissed the hill closer to the ending :D

2009-06-16, 19:20
nice video and a gr8 bit of flying:grin: