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2009-06-09, 23:57
/came out more as a "battle report" so decided to place it here.

Well I just had this idea this evening while playing on [T&T]. Usually i end up being US on this map and we place a firebase on that B4 KPD 5 area plateau. But now, I was MEC and decided that, that plateau would be an excellent FB/AA position. So this is what I made (roughly)

I placed the firebase as south as I could, as I wanted to let the AA overlook both West and Dam area's from the mountain south of that plateau.

http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/large/a24941b95a62a0e87e5baa7cd4a229d3f42e8065.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/cyberzomby/ss_file-a24941b95a62a0e87e5baa7cd4a229d3f42e8065.jpg)

It failed a little bit since I needed to rush deployment. The US infantry was already going up the hill.

so my sight on dam was not good enough. Plus-side was I was hard to target from the sea by the APC's.

I found this tactic/strategy to work fairly well. It stops or damages choppers that come from the carrier and want to make drops over West/Dam and the land behind. If they come back damaged and fly over you, you could even take them out when they return.

Heres a chopper going up near the hill east of dam to make a drop

The good thing about this AA position is they need to climb up the hill area to get anywhere. And if your team holds dam, they even cant set them down in the water.

So the strategy, or at least what I think, is get a Squad on that plateau as fast as you can. Get them kitted out with a LAT or HAT and start building that Firebase, AA and even .50's to shoot at the choppers going to west and or dam.

Take care to not place the AA to far out or you will get shot by the APC's as demonstrated here:
(if your in a full squad, taking an HAT/LAT kit can solve this issue)

In the end I only took down 2 choppers, 1 filled with 4 heading towards west, 1 filled with 6 also heading to west. I damaged a few more tho. Reason is I was on my own in an engeneering squad, so I was usually buildin when the choppers flew over. And there was a good coordinated stryke when an APC took down my AA pad and 2 choppers flew to dam! Could have taken one down if I had my AA up! Than theres the 2 times I got in my AA but blead to death since it wasnt build. :P

Overal, I think that together with east beach, that plateau is a key position to take.

2009-06-10, 02:17
Our team failed in so many ways in that round. Can't believe we only lost it by 11 tickets after one of our choppers was hovering over main try to base rape with some inf and got shot down...

2009-06-10, 11:57
wow! too bad I left early than! But you had some good fail squads indeed! 3 times when I looked around in that AA did I see US squads assaulting that plateau. One time even when I was building my AA. Yet, they didnt see me, my installation or my building smoke. They just left me there :P

2009-06-10, 12:22
They were buggering about on that beach for ages at the start, took 3 squads about 5 minutes to move out, by which time you had obviously built the FB and had troops there. Still, Chuckle shot about 30 people off that hill with a LAV towards the end of the game.

Our defence squad at East beach also went for a walk up to village at the end, so we lost that for a couple of minutes and we bleed a fair few tickets there, we rushed over from west and the squad fell back and retook. Another USMC loss down to tard in chopper syndrome, which is a shame, because I think the guys flying for most of the match did pretty well.

2009-06-10, 12:34
Hmmm yea that APC in the water was really bugging that hill top there!

Yes, your pilots where good pilots I'd say. As soon as I got 1 and scared another they where really trying to get out of my way.

I was really surprised to not seeing any contacts on that plateau there. Usually the US takes that as an initial staging area for dam.