View Full Version : [Video] Flight formation, why does it studder?

2009-06-06, 21:40
YouTube - Project Reality 0.85- Formation Flight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17GDgQnCVY&feature=related)

Its a Flight formation video i made with two matches on training server, recorded with fraps at 35FPS, on my PC when i see it, its wonderful and smooth. But when i put it on youtube, it becomes studdery....

Is it because i didnt use a compressor when i made the video? When i researched on this thats the only thing that came up....

Cpt. Trips
2009-06-06, 22:17
Played back fine for me mate, and just as well 'cause it's a great video. :D

Some of those manoeuvres would've looked better from a chase plane/ground perspective though.

3.25 is fscking epic :D

Edit: Woah, I hadn't finished watching when I posted that and it kicks it up another level towards the end with the A-10 barrel rolls and the pirouetting Harrier.

2009-06-06, 22:34
Lol, thnx.

Well i dont know, today i saw it in HD and it was flawless, but most of the time, it studders for me...

Yeah i would have loved to be in the back, but everybody wanted me to take lead.

We had perhaps 4-5 F16s and then that whole fleet of A10s, good times.... good times....

2009-06-06, 22:36
Played perfect for me as well. I love it! I love the camera angles, the music the effects! Perfectly done. Also love that short bit of footage of the guy who's standing on the ground.

I love the sight of the aircraft behind you taking off and around you flying with you. It looks so serene(?)

2009-06-06, 22:45
Wait i was wondering what you meant about the standing guy....

You mean when i was on the ground hopping into the a10 and the a10s were flying above?

I love that bit too, lol, it looks like a WWII Bomber fleet about to make a carpet bomb run.

Mj Pain
2009-06-06, 22:51
Ahh loved the music (swedish electro):-)

2009-06-07, 03:36
Really Swedish electro?

Il look some more up, i like this type of music.

2009-06-07, 05:44
Yea I think it is Youtube side, I get some choppyness sometimes with other videos as they are loading, good video too :)

2009-06-07, 10:10
yea when your looking up to the formation :)

Cpt. Trips
2009-06-07, 10:45
The radio chatter at the start was cool too. Where did you get it?

2009-06-07, 13:10
This one is really really good! I love the music you used, it suites it very well. :D It could have used some color and maybe some other effects to make it more interesting though, but even so its still by far the best thing ive seen in a long time. Oh and it doesn't stutter with me if i watch it in fullscreen. If i just watch it in the window it stutters a bit some times.

2009-06-07, 13:33
Great video.

I really liked your Karbala one as well.

2009-06-08, 00:05
Thnx guys, that coming from Mora is really an honor too, like ur vids mate.

The radio chatter i stole from some site i tracked down, its actually really hard to find military radio chatter sound files.

The one i used i had to cut up to fill in the silent gaps in between.

It was that or i would use the Lock on radio chatter at log in screen.

Cpt. Trips
2009-06-08, 00:39
The radio chatter i stole from some site i tracked down, its actually really hard to find military radio chatter sound files.

You're telling me. The best samples i've got are from Generation Kill and i'm pretty sure they're not authentic.

2009-06-08, 00:46
HAhahhaaha, but those are quite good too.

2009-06-08, 04:28
I loved the whole thing. Only got a little choppy for about two seconds at the end.

2009-06-08, 04:53
yo i dont even know what you guys are talking about

2009-06-08, 06:03
Ok... what dont u get?

2009-06-09, 01:51
Damn, those A-10s looks soo cool :twisted:

2009-06-09, 20:28
i get the choppyness often when viewing HD videos, i guess it has something to do with my crappy specs :P

2009-06-12, 02:12
You know i have no idea, but its annoying sometimes.

But if for most people this is smooth and not choppy then i have no complaints.