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2009-05-29, 22:03
i forgot which map it was but it was americas vs chinese and there was a river down the middle of the map

anyways me and this guy were flying in the little bird and the chinese attack heli was shooting us down. so after about 3 times of being shot at we come up with a crazy idea. i go and get a stinger and we shoot this motherf*cker down. after flying around for about two min i was on the side of the littlebird and the attack heli begins to shoot at us so i target it and put a rocket through the cockpit from the littlebird in mid air.

so after that and us thinking it was the coolest thing ever we got more crazy ideas. i go and get a heavy at and we get in the littlebird and we start hunting for tanks i fire the sraw from the helicopter and hit a tank but only really glanced it. so we fly back and i get an engineers kit. we fly back to the same tank and hover like 5ft over it and i drop a c4, we fly away and i blow it up.

next i get a light AT and we strafe a car going over the bridge and run him off the road and i plug him.

so then we get thot down by the attack heli again(thought he would have learnded the first time) so we basicly repeat the whole get a stinger and hunt him down in the littlebird again

2009-05-29, 23:03
The map was Qwai River and believe me, this happens in PR pretty often. Well anyway, nice story mate. I bet you were amazed by what you can do when you combine Littlebird, a good pilot and a guy with a HAT/LAT ( or C4 ) :D

2009-05-29, 23:04
lol dude thats pretty sweet...ur lucky to have such a good pilot lol

2009-05-30, 06:04
Haha thats noting! once me and my buddies made a CAS squad in korrengal valley, evryone exept the pilot takes AA, Automatic rifleman, light AT, Grenadier and one combat engineer to blow them to smethereenies

2009-05-30, 08:46
Yeah Little Birds are awesome, yesterday on a round of muttrah, the squad i was in did that, the LB came down and we had a GL and AR on the side, the GL started firing into groups then the AR came down and was just like a door gunner. Then me and the other squaddie on the ground just charged in with our iron sights, good times.

2009-05-30, 09:54
I LOVE the combination with littlebird and a stinger against groundforces.. Fly above 50 m and you will have a nice explosion. Kills infantry in buildings.. Kill the drivers.. And you can kill a hole squad with just one missile... We ended up with 29 kills.. and taken out a couple of trucks

2009-05-30, 10:26
Littlebird with 2 HATs and a Stinger. Hover high up above the tank and blow it to hell and the stinger for infantry/anti-heli

2009-05-30, 10:40
awesome :)

2009-05-30, 12:53
i've tried it, and it's cool. but you need a pilot with a steady hover when using the AT kits :}