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2009-05-24, 18:54
So ive came on battleforce kashan training server when i got the idea with some mates to get roleplaying going, atleast half of the people in the server agreed and thought it would be fun, so i made some plans.

First was playing the game about 3 hostages that are taken hostage by a gang.

so the gangmembers with the 3 hostages held up in the toilet of 1 of the bunkers while demanding a fully tanked huey. We were abit late on delivering so they killed 1 of the hostages with 2 left, we said over chat it would be abit later becouse of pilot issues.

But we actualy loaded up in a police littlebird with a small S.W.A.T team ready for assault, while humvees were all around the bunker with their X button pressed like their was a massive radio conversation going,
everyone was sitting on his knees with their pistol aimed over the car ready to shoot, then they came out of the bunker with the hostage in front of them as human shield towards the huey we deliverd after a while, everyone held their fire and awaited what they would do, i told one guy that had a precision rifle to take one of the hostage takers out, so he did he made an headshot on him,
and at that point a massive firefight broke out, pistols everywehre, noane got hit and everyone was ducking behind their cars for a reload, than we ordered the S.W.A.T team to come in on the roof entrance where you come out at the toilet where they where held up, the S.W.A.T team saw the hostages but they didnt say a word,
they silently moved up to 1 of the guards and knifed him then their was a massive firefight going on the hostages took cover in the toilets while the S.W.A.T personnal was hitting the gangmembers, i was outside at that moment and only heard M4's being fired and then silence, we heard people screaming over voip GET DOWN! and saying it also over chat, 3 out of 5 gangmembers got killed the last 2 gave up and got arrested, also 1 member of the S.W.A.T team got killed in action

Now comes the second roleplaying game about the 2 gangsters on the run in a hot pursuit

We were on the police department of north village while suddenly one of the police officers got smashed by one of the 2 gangmembers and they got on the run, the gangmembers got towards our weapon locker and grabbed 1 of our MP5's and 1 Of our pistols, after that they ran towards the parking lot where some officers where smokeing some sigarets but suddenly that came to an end,
the officers got fired at by the MP5 while the gangster with the pistol mounted up in a police car and got it to work, the gangster started driving towards the other gangster to pick him up, all officers ran outside and got in their vehicles, some unarmed police humvees got in hot pursuit trying to take out the gangsters, we radioad to our police department in south village to get a helicopter up in the air (since they had an headstart) and a roadblock going at the intersection of North village to South Village,
some police trucks moved out and a helicopter took off, the police made a massive road block with crates and their trucks,
the chopper got up in the air with a small attack team on it, the police chopper radioad that the gangster where just 2 grid squares away from the roadblock, all the officers at the roadblock where holding their m4 rifles and pistols over the car hoods while awaiting the 2 gangster,
after a few seconds we saw the car coming from a distance,
some more seconds later we saw it comeing close and closer, they opend up on him, but their werent any fatal shots. the car eventualy smashes right in the road block killeing 2 officers, the gangster jumped out and started running the officers also ran but had to go to the ground since they where taking pistol and MP5 fire.
Eventualy everyone got in cover and started shooting at eachother,
it was one massive shootout with the cops vs gangster eventualy 2 officers got hit, and some other officers where giving first aid. one of the gang members also got hit but he kept on moving they ran around a corner of a village building, the wounded gangster wanted to shoot us and leaned around the while to fire a few shots our officer with precision rifle took him out and we were checkin if he was dead,
he was and we called up a truck (that was serving as ambulance) to bring him away.
the S.W.A.T team in the helicopter was circleing and telling us where the last gangster was going, he pulled of a few shots at the littlebird but without much damage, the other police cars from the hot pursuit just came past the roadblock full of damaged police cars and drove trough it, the gangster held up in a building in the hope we couldnt find him, the truth is he was allready surrouned by police cars and a cirling chopper above him.
The chopper landed on the roof of the building, and the S.W.A.T team dissembarkd they moved down a stairs next to the building and prepared to breach, they lined up and threw in a smoke grenade, waited to fill up half of the room and then charged in, some gunfire from the swat team and a pistol going crazy.
2 S.W.A.T Officers where shot down and the gangster was killed.

To bad i have no screenshots or movies, since i was too busy organizing and dont have fraps. ill ask my friends if they have.. :(
It was one of my most awesome experiences in PR ive ever had, and im thinking of making a community that does this kind of stuff for fun in PR:D

Note: i didnt noted the smacktards their where bombing us continuesly and werent playing with us

2009-05-24, 22:10
lulz, sounds like alot of fun, hope to see screens and videos of this later, nice thing !

I agree stupid bombers:P

2009-05-24, 22:34
haha excellent! to be honest im amazed they would play with you! I can see it in my mind, the humvees around the bunker with there radio convo going :P Just like the movies

2009-05-25, 12:22
Yeah i was amazed too, at first we just had like 6 people with us, but evetualy we had pilots dropping out of the air and saying we want to play with you guys! ;D
So eventualy we had like 18 people playing with us!

I think it would be quite fun actualy, i was thinking maybe make PR roleplaying minimod ;D
with like models of police cars and other vehicles, gangster character with their ragheads from insurgents or officers and S.W.A.T officers and civilian kits and something like fallujah as map for the gamemodes! dont think im allowed though.

2009-05-25, 17:19
I remember doing something like this on the "fun" training maps in .75

2009-05-25, 17:22
Haha, sounds like a fun game! Would be cool if everyone had mumble ;).

I find you can have very nice experiences on training servers from time to time. I went in a training server a few months ago, about 15 players on it. I made a squad just to practice flying in some trans. heli's when a bunch of other guys joined in. I flew them around, dropping them off, picking them up and bringing in supplies when MEC decided it was enough and downed our chopper.

What followed whas half of the squad coördinating and reconning the map with me, the other half hopping either a jet or an attack heli. We drove across the map from vantage point to vantage point spotting for enemy AA emplacements and other armor, lazing and calling in some coördinated CAS :).

It was nice having some more serious people to train with in the training server than some people just being smacktards and bombing the shit outta things at random (although that can be fun as well once in a while :p).
Also your experience reminds me of a mod for ArmA called Sahrani Life. I haven't got the mod nor do i have ArmA, but judging from the stories of some friends that play it it's kinda like what you describe, with mobsters/gangsters or w/e and policemen.

2009-05-25, 17:24
Haha, yeah i heard of it, being good roleplaying mod :razz:
Jus dont got arma, but im thinkin of makeing a community mod about roleplaying, just need more help:

2009-05-25, 17:27
Sounds great.

Reminds me of the good 'ol Basrah Role-playing session during the Open Beta testing of .7


2009-05-25, 17:30
Jus dont got arma, but im thinkin of makeing a community mod about roleplaying, just need more help
Yep, i saw the thread! Unfortunatly i have no experience modding anything whatsoever, apart from the occasional texture edit in Oblivion, just for the lolz (because it's quite easy :p). Anyway, I give you my moral support, although i don't think that will help too much with getting it started. The most i could do would be designing some banners and giving some ideas, but thats all ;).

2009-05-25, 17:32
Yep, i saw the thread! Unfortunatly i have no experience modding anything whatsoever, apart from the occasional texture edit in Oblivion, just for the lolz (because it's quite easy :p). Anyway, I give you my moral support, although i don't think that will help too much with getting it started. The most i could do would be designing some banners and giving some ideas, but thats all ;).

Ideas are alway welcome, post them in the thread
Also banners would be cool

2009-05-25, 19:32
adrian your pic looks so real.

2009-05-25, 19:38
adrian your pic looks so real.

Lol, offtopic much? :razz: If you want to know, Howitzer, a member of these forums, made it as an edit of a screenshot and i asked him if i could use it as a avatar. He certainly has some photoshopping skillz! :wink: