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2009-05-23, 23:05
here are some pics of an epic al basrah i played on the 22nd may. I joined a squad with guybrush/3pwood/a.dickman/boogy/toe tagger and me the great suzerain.
Boogy was the most awesome ever SL we had fire teams of 2 men at a time. Saved a APC that supported us. Didnt build pointless firebases for points.

When we went in the south side of the city we got wasted by insurgent fire fought our way out got healed smoked and lept from buildings hustling our way out anyway we could the only Boogy rule no GIVEUP.
Shiz you shud see how we valued our lives all game and we had a squad score of 6000 odd 19 insur kills 3 caches maybe 4 and only Death due to our 2nd mortar attack then as we went back to base APC driver falls asleep hit a mine and boom, gameover other squads had 25/47 death rates and chopper neevr lasted more than 10 mins.

This is in dedication to that squad that game and Boogy the best ever Insurgency Squad leader i have ever had i enclose pics for you to see the teamwork between APC our squad and ocasionally some other squads.

o yeah played on TG.

2009-05-24, 01:15
Nice story, sounds like a great round.

There's a sticky for this:

Good to post in there for other peoples' reference.

2009-05-25, 18:18
I second that. That round was just so awesome. Great squad leader, but great squad members also!

2009-05-25, 21:59
Wow looks like PR has found a great squad leader.