View Full Version : [AAR] Operation Barracuda - Safe LZ!

2009-05-20, 15:46
Ok, this is an AAR after playing as a "spec op" squad that went behind enemy lines to help the team.

Our Heli's were having trouble getting troops onto the island, so we just about managed to get a squad, although grealty spread out, onto the island, to prepare to cause mischeif.
The main problem our Heli's were facing were the enemy AA turrets in the fortifications, so we went in to try and destroy them, there were 3 main fortifications. The one near North Rock was heavily defended, and despite a lengthy engagement we were unable to secure it, we did however manage to destroy the turret. Then, in B6 kp5 there was another lightly defended fortification, we went in there and destroyed the AA there too, we thought we'd cleared all the AA, so said it was a safe LZ, we then saw a helicopter get shot down in our SW, and so laucnhed a 2 man patrol to find the AA, they found it, and the rest of the squad moved in and destroyed it. Then, fighting our way back, we secured the second fortification again, and again said It was a Safe LZ. Only 1 Huey decided to utlise this and land a squad there and some badly needed supplys, after another trip we built a FB, and dug in to hold the LZ for a while. It was clear for around 10 minutes, in which time the helicopters continually dropped troops into Hot zones!

We were only getting shot at sporadically by passing enemy troops! Why not use our squads work, and use the LZ to land the majority of our force, from where we could take the Docks and Fortification! Instead, our troops continually attempted to fight their way up the hill from the beaches, and eventually our squad came under heavy attack and wasn't able to hold off the enemy (though we did launch a counter attack and keep the LZ secure for a while).

The moral of this AAR is, when a squad is telling you theres a perfectly safe LZ, which is easy to land on etc. and completely safe from AA for definate if you approach from the North, please use it!

2009-05-21, 22:00
The Huey pilot that got shot down after you said it was clear should have been disappointed, but that was a kick-ass TW guys. Only 1 squad made so much for they're team...It's just outstanding. What else can I say...oh yeah, KEEP IT UP! :thumbsup:

2009-05-25, 06:00
If you're having trouble making it to the island on Barracuda alive, just tell the chopper pilot to drop you in the water off the coast somewhere (seriously, it works well, I've done it many a time), SEAL style.

2009-05-25, 11:45
Or just secure a safe LZ :)