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2009-05-13, 02:58
Well, today I was with [ECB] and we went as a blackhawk squad and flew into what we setup to be know combat zones around caches. When needing to engage we did a fly around made sure it wasnt friendlys and then finally engaged. This moment today resulted in my own most realistic moment and the around 6 kills added onto my score.

2009-05-13, 03:15
my most realistic time was i shot an RPG at a blackhawk, killed the pilot and the rest of the people spiraled to theit death

2009-05-13, 03:23
Kinded sounds like what happened five minutes after we got repairs and ammo resupply.

2009-05-13, 03:30
for me it was on the fallujah map, and me and my marine squad were on one of the rooftops in a firefight with insurgents who were also on a rooftop across the street. they were taking pot shots then ducking and we were doing the same thing. it looked just like so many of those rooftop firefight videos ive seen on the internet it was very realistic looking.

2009-05-13, 03:38
Every time I do a spotter- air support combo. Painting that tank and seeing a bomb drop on it fills my heart with joy and my eyes with water.

2009-05-13, 03:39
Mine would be on Muttrah leading an APC squad on mumble. It's just a great feeling to be transporting the infantry from one objective to the next and coming in and bailing them out when they get in trouble.

Or another time when SL was calling in Air Support throught TS and had multiple direct Air Strikes on Tanks and groups of infantry.

2009-05-13, 03:41
i was waiting for a flag to go down when my eye drifted off screen and i noticed there was a window behind my monitor.

2009-05-13, 04:05
Was waiting for an ambush at a cache in Ramiel for about 40 mins, then a squadmate decided to go look around and got spotted by an ennemy squad.

The anger inside was so realistic :-o

2009-05-13, 04:08
On al basrah running a proper FSG, two wmiks with a sniper and a hat. We set up behind to infantry squads moving in on caches for 3 different caches before taking our first casualty. Nothing like 4 MGs + a sharp shooter and demo to cover ur men.

For this reason I can't wait for sanqin.

2009-05-13, 04:37
^Defending this damaged APC.


USMC Cache hunting on Fallujah.


Really, any time in the PRT.

2009-05-13, 04:37
Would have to be on Fallujah when I was gunning for an APC with my tourny crewmate, we took a hit from two RPG's which disabled the left-side tired and the turret locked up in a terrible position. We bailed out near the gas station, and with the support of a nearby infantry squad we defended the APC for a good five minutes, plenty of insurgents kept rushing us over and over. Eventually an RPG hit the APC and it exploded, injuring me and killing my driver, and soon after I was shot dead.

It was awesome. :D

2009-05-13, 04:38
That one time when I was an insurgent.

I detonated my IED too soon and ended up destroying nothing but the road in front of my house. Then, the IFV started to shoot on my and I got killed.

I think that was my most realistic moment.

If you want my less realistic, it's the time I shot down an A-10 with my rusty shotgun, in .5 Basrah I think, but that's a whole different story.

2009-05-13, 04:43
Full team Ramiel/Archer convoy anyone?

2009-05-13, 04:53
Full team Ramiel/Archer convoy anyone?

I always wanted to create a Humvee squad on Ramiel. Just wonder the with 3 humvees, each with 1 driver and a gunner. Of course, we would be supporting the ground troops and not being idiots. We would be in a convoy transporting dudes and keeping .50 cal fire up and all that.

I often find it (even myself) abandoning vehicles once you get somewhere. Then later, when you need it, it's not there :/

I thought to myself, what if we didn't attach the humvee to random squads, but one squad transported everyone in humvees (while APC's do the same in a different squad)....

Kinda reminds me of Black Hawk Down . . .

Okay, more time now...

Anyway, what I meant is have a Humvee squad similar to those APC squads you often see. I've never seen a Humvee dedicated squad before.... (2 Humvees can easily transport 1 squad without anyone left behind).

The problem with them is that a squad of 6 needs to leave 1 behind because humvee is 5 people. So my idea owns 8)

2009-05-13, 05:15
I always wanted to create a Humvee squad on Ramiel. Just wonder the with 3 humvees, each with 1 driver and a gunner. Anyway, what I meant is have a Humvee squad similar to those APC squads you often see. I've never seen a Humvee dedicated squad before....

Easily done as early back as 0.8 when the FOBs still spawned Hummers. It was a blast and just about everyone re-enacted Black Hawk Down at least once. But alas people abused it by building all 4 FOBs on/near/around the air strip which left no FOBs for within the city.

I had a nice round yesterday on Jabal al Burj as a dedicated APC driver. I asked if the [DVB] infantry squad would like our APC embedded with their squad so they always had transport. It worked very well thanks to the SQ leader calling out targets we were unaware of and being the spearhead of the USMC quick assault. We ended up capping out the MEC and my gunner ( +WsL+ Singsing ) had over 30+ kills. :-)

2009-05-13, 06:00

2009-05-13, 06:22
probably when i used a "borrowed" M14 to take out three full squads moving on the cache i was defending, then got ripped up by a passing blackhawk

2009-05-13, 07:01
A lot of these arent necessarily realistic and are just exciting memorable moments in gameplay.

Now here is my realistic moment. PRT battle C6B9 Al Kufrah. we deployed an IFV to our defensive position and set up an observation point. We watched desert for 4 hours with the occasional long range fire support mission. About realistic as its gonna get in PR.

2009-05-13, 07:54
Would be one time in Ramiel when a littlebird was doing strafing runs around 2 "very" closely located caches, killing almost everyone there(including collaborators), he did a few more strafing runs before supposedly returning to base for repair and rearm. After that littlebird left, 2 strykers charged into the area and two squads hoped out to carry on the carnage. We lost both caches at the same time and to me thats what i called teamwork.

2009-05-13, 08:52
I'd say defending north flag with the squad I was in, in Ejod (in .75) for half an hour watching a gateway where no one came trough because the rest of our team did so well.

Its just like the storys you hear from soldiers waiting in base camp or on overwatch. They got nothing to do and only hear all the cool story's from the guys who where in combat.

And ofcourse some other realistic moments like the story's posted already :)

2009-05-13, 10:27
^Defending this damaged APC.


USMC Cache hunting on Fallujah.


Really, any time in the PRT.

What is your PC specs mate? :shock::shock:

Anyways, Mine was when i was leading an Infantry squad in Karbala. We had been ordered to patroll an area in the city and it resulted in that we got ambushed. We pulled over and the 50 caliber covered us while the rest of the squad were entering a rooftop next to us. The fight was very epic and the range between us was very far. They kept shooting and the HMW was positioned right by the alley protecting our flanks. And around 20 minutes of rooftop fighting without anyone of us being killed we called on a air strike from the apache.
" Ok guys air strike coming in anytime now ". It went quiet, they kept shooting but then. BOOM tutututututututututu Shiuw shiuw! their compound was raped! We quickly waited for further instructions from the commander and flanked the building killing the remaining guys aswell as taking the weapon cache.

2009-05-13, 11:05
What is your PC specs mate? :shock::shock:

Pretty sure its edited.

The Gunning in attack choppers looks pretty realistic to me, as well as the BH on ramiel:grin:

2009-05-13, 11:14
My most realistic moment was in the back of a huey on Muttrah with a noob pilot flying.

I hop in, he starts heading to docks and we just passed over the cranes when a vodnik lights up the pilot and he dies, and we spiral out of control into a warehouse.

it was epic win

2009-05-13, 11:38
Was playing the US Side on muttrah a few weeks back, we got onto a huey when the round starts and requested the pilot to get us to docks so that we can build a firebase. When the huey dropped us on the east side of the warehouses and dropped a crate, an apc came out of nowhere and started shooting the chopper, the pilot flew in the warehouse and exit through the other end and got away safely. We manage to damage the apc with a LAT kit we brought along with us and killed the crewmen as they tried to run away from the crippled apc, one of the smartest way of the use of helicopters in muttrah so far and great piloting skills. Now is that realistic enough?

2009-05-13, 11:40
i was waiting for a flag to go down when my eye drifted off screen and i noticed there was a window behind my monitor.

Classic. Quoted for large amounts of humour.

For me, my most realistic moment is shown in this video below. I had just come off a 2 week combined arms exercise where we worked with M1's and LAV's (but not Bradleys), then played Kashan as an armoured task force. The formations we were holding, scanning our sectors, co-ordinator fires from the different weapons systems, it was all very similar to what I had done a fortnight ago. Incredible feeling.

MPN PR Armoured Combat Team Kashan Desert

2009-05-13, 12:24
I remember a good one...

My squad (this is on Ramiel) was getting BH transport to the area of a known cache. The Blackhawk came in quite slow (there wasn't much of a gap to fit). So about 10ft off the ground squadie just goes.
"ARRREEE PEEE GEEEEE BAIL OUT" and it sounded soooo realistic...
The squad bails (luckily) 5ft off the ground. Not one but 2 RPGs streak towards the heli, plus a PKM. Obviously it was a well coordinated (I assumed in the debrief that it was the 6 member insurgent squad all from the same clan) ambush, they waited for the heli to set down so it couldn't evade the RPGs. Anyways, only 4 of us make it. 1 I assume was in the heli at the time of the explosion, and the other got mowed down by the PKM. Luckily we were put down next to one of those long 2 story buildings with a bunch of arches on the roof. So the squad members left were me (grenadier), our squadie, medic, and a sniper (he has a good reputation on server with sniper kit so we let him take it). So we put down a rally in the building, allowing our other two guys to spawn (who we both made spawn medic). After personally taking out 2 targets and the sniper taking down another 2, we knew the cache was VERY close because he could see the tracer of about 4 guns (not counting RPGs). The insurgents were pouring fire on our position from multiple angles, so we smoked the joint and made it to the street, where with cover from our sniper we managed to cross to the other side. I usually take point or 2nd in our line, so I was inside when an RPG took out 2 of our guys while going up the stairs. about 20 seconds later our rally and sniper get taken out. Now we know that the cache is in one of the buildings very close to us, so we make a run for it and make it to the building with the cache, and take it out, including one of the RPG guys and another PKM gunner. So we both run and our squadie is trying to get us extracted by humvee. So we just run south...south...killing a few insurgents along the way. We jump in the Humvees and head home...then the round ended almost right after we got out. I was like...wow. My adrenaline was pumping because if felt so real. We were actually pretty lucky I suppose, because the squad should have tracked us (the last 2 guys) and taken us out but I guess another group or something engaged them.

wow I just typed a lot

2009-05-13, 12:50
Korengal Valley. I was squad leader and searched for a cache reported in the area togheter with another squad. We're close to "Laniyel" (or whatever it's called, bunker complex south on the map) when we spot an insurgent stronghold in the bunkers. A long but still very intense firefight breaks out and we're exchanging bullets for many, many minutes. We kept our fire superiority all the time though. I report the stronghold to the CO and asks for an artillery strike on the area, which we get. It became a beautiful ending to a beautiful firefight. And on the top of that, we took zero casualties, which must be a record for any squad I've lead!

It felt like a movie clip on LiveLeak or something! :D

2009-05-13, 12:51
I guess one would be the strafing runs we did here starting 1:43 seen from ground perspective.


2009-05-13, 15:14
Getting the teams remaining tank stuck in the boonies and trying to remove it for 10 minutes, ruining one truck in the process. That gave some realistic "Crap! And now what?!" feeling.

Other than that, blowing up my first Humvee as an insurgent with an IED after having waited for five minutes. The waiting time was feeling very realistic, like waiting for a bus that You feel You might have missed and thinking about going home.

2009-05-13, 22:28
i got like the best one, im sure only a few devs and back in the day testers will remember this

we were role playing on the test build when albasra changed to britan and we finally fixed the damn rock bug. it was some epic shit

at the time i was on britan, and we were at a building with a 50 cal on the road, making a check point, and there would be a few civvies walking up, and showing us their papers (field dressings) and we would let em by etc, and then a car drove up and we were like STOP AT ONCE OR BE SHOT! and they kept driving so we fired around the car, then they still didnt stop so we shot and killed him and when we went up to inspect the vehicle, another one came out of nowhere and all we hear is BOOOOM and out of nowhere shit is all exploading and stuff. it was epic.

2009-05-13, 23:02
i got like the best one, im sure only a few devs and back in the day testers will remember this

we were role playing on the test build when albasra changed to britan and we finally fixed the damn rock bug. it was some epic shit

at the time i was on britan, and we were at a building with a 50 cal on the road, making a check point, and there would be a few civvies walking up, and showing us their papers (field dressings) and we would let em by etc, and then a car drove up and we were like STOP AT ONCE OR BE SHOT! and they kept driving so we fired around the car, then they still didnt stop so we shot and killed him and when we went up to inspect the vehicle, another one came out of nowhere and all we hear is BOOOOM and out of nowhere shit is all exploading and stuff. it was epic.

Haha, I remember this. Back in the day when I was a tester...
There was a trend of RPing a short while after this as well. I remember one which was an insurgent posing as a civi than dropping his nade at his feet screaming allah. Even sent out a medicvac for the wounded personnel back to basrah airstrip.

2009-05-14, 04:23
i was waiting for a flag to go down when my eye drifted off screen and i noticed there was a window behind my monitor.

This is win.

2009-05-14, 05:17
I was playing Al Basrah the other week, and we were all on mumble. So the entire british team was working as one, we had like 5 infantry squads spread out walking line formation across the desert.
Then we spotted an enemy up on a rooftoop about 250 metres out and everyone stopped, but everyone had the restraint to hold fire, so we all set up, took aim and one of the squad leaders got out infront and started counting down, 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... FIRE!

A hail of red tracers covered the sky and the target was put down instantly.
We all worked together like this to get caches until we won, it was the most epic moment in PR, ever.

2009-06-28, 04:50
Kind of an old thread, I know, but it is worth bringing back to life.

Earlier today I was playing as the Americans on West Fallujah. My squad moved a crossed the main highway towards the mosque where we thought a cashe was. We cleared two blocks meeting only light resistance. We entered the mosque and found the roof empty. We began taking light arms and RPG fire from mutable directions. We set up a perimeter and quickly eliminated the threats.

I was watching a road to the west (I think) which the insurgents were using a lot. Every so often we would tag an insurgent but none fell in the street (they must have been on Khat or something). One insurgent was unlucky and I dropped in in the middle of the road. Almost immediately afterward another figure walked into the street. I held my fire because I noticed it was a civilian with his hands up and I did not want the penalty for killing him. He was slowly walking towards the wounded insurgent so I fired shoots between him and the insurgent. The civilian kept moving. He was within a meter or two when he got out his medic bag. I was so concentrated that when my squad leader yelled, "Shoot the civi', shoot him!", I hesitated but when he yelled it again I fired about half a mag while the squad leader and another squad mate did the same. Some how the damn Iraqi got away. It was hard not to engage a noncombatant and hold my fire until he showed his intentions.

2009-06-28, 06:42
My most realistic moment was on fallujah west. Our squad had taken position in a two story building near the fields of tall grass. We were successfully engaging insurgents in a nearby building.

Then, we saw movement in the grass. As the shapes emerged, we found 2 collaborators trying to draw our attention with their hands raised. Then we saw more shapes as combatants started to move up. We killed the armed insugents, and myself and a squadmate went down to arrest the civilian under the cover fire from the rest of the squad. We arrested the civis and mopped up the remaining insurgents.

It really gave a feel of the tactics used by insurgents. We really had to fight to get our way out of the compound. We had to sprint out because mortar shells were falling on our previous position. It was intense.

2009-06-28, 07:04
My most realistic moment thus far, would have to be when Me and the squadmates were moving on north westward on Muttrah, It was one of the small roads just past the first set of buildings from the mountains. As we were about to pass the cover of the wall in front of us, the squad mate in front of me dropped with a load thud of the bullet impact to his head. the entire squad hit the ground instantly. I was only about2 meters behind the guy that was hit so i decided to retreat to a safer location since we had no clue where the sniper was, the moment i stood i heard the crack of the second shot landing right where my face was just a moment earlier. blinded by the suppression effect i sprinted back behind a garbage disposal bin, when a 3rd shot just clipped the top of it. scrambling the rest of the squad tried to spot the sniper, but to no avail.

we ended up retreating about 1 and a half blocks eastward, where we hooked up with a friendly APC and got it to scout ahead. the sniper was never found.

2009-06-28, 07:16
I have two great moments from PR that give me joy just thinking about them.

One took place on Ramiel. I was the lead of an Armored Cavalry group which consisted of myself as squadleader, a grenadier, a AR, a medic, and 2 crewman manning a Stryker. We were driving around the Western part of town looking for a cache. We started taking enemy fire so the infantry got out of the Stryker and set up a base in a building near by while the Stryker drove around the block providing fire support and extraction if needed.

Well. Extration was soon needed as it seemed like dozens of insurgents began to attack our position. We had our AR on the roof laying down fire and the grenadier lobbing grenades out there, but they just kept coming. Soon, Molotoves were on the side of the building and roof and we we're huddled together watching the doorway. I radio'd in we needed extract from the Stryker as RPG's were hitting the side of the building and insurgents were rushing in the building. We then heard 50 cal fire outside and insurgents screaming as they are taken down, so we threw down smock and got the hell out of dodge. While the mission was unsuccessful the adrenaline was definitely pumping after words. We finished I believe 26-0 after that fight, which the Stryker taking down 15.

The other moment which I will always remember was on Ejod Desert. Our team , the U.S, was getting hammered and my squad was pushing into the city alone. We perched ourselves on top of two buildings, one with me as squadleader, a medic, and two riflemen with the rally on it and another on the other side of the courtyard with a AR and medic. We were quickly engaged by two squads and they fell right into the ambush. I ordered my squad to hold fire until the perfect time. When we did open up it seemed like they all dropped in seconds. A few managed to escape, but they were quickly dispatched when the riflemen and medic were sent on a flanking mission around the back to finish them off and take out the rally.

I play as (ZH) 3lephant if any of you were in those squads let me know. This makes me want to play. Haha.

2009-06-30, 21:29
I'd have to say it was when I was flying a full COW near south outpost on Kashan, the chopper was hit by 50.cal fire, but I was flying 1m off the ground, so I was able to land, and we all made it out. There was only one casualy, my co-pilot, who bled to death. 2 minutes later, another chopper came in and picked us up.

2009-06-30, 22:40
Not sure if I know of any specific moment but there's certainly situation in PR where I get a feeling of realism. Like whenever you move in on an objective as a footsoldier and you have firesupport by .50 cals or APCs. And on kashan when you advance towards a flag and you pass 2-3 M1A1s and they fire with 0,5-1 second intervals with deafening blasts.

Or whenever you get into a good squad that uses cover, flanking manouvers and supressing fire.

2009-06-30, 22:48
Mestinia, 4 AT kits (1 stolen, 1 LAT, 2 HAT) ambush. 2 squads set up on a foresty hill and waited for 2 BRDMs to drive by and drop troops. luckly they passed the little hill and stoped right infront of us. tookem all out at once

2009-06-30, 23:01
Asad Khal, when it was first introduced, fighting from East to West through the city, climaxing in a final assault on a MEC FB, where of course, I issued the order:

Twas win.

2009-07-01, 00:22
Muttrah City, .75. Me and my cousin were on USMC, Reconnaissance team out in the mountains behind the Construction site (Him sniping, me spotting with Officers kit).

After him getting 14+ kills and locking down a large area of the map, a whole squad had come up the backroad in an attempt to take us out. I take out the M16 and begin in one helluva intense fight alongside my sniper. Both of us get badly wounded, and when 2-3 enemy remained down below I called in a MediVac LB.

I threw smoke on our position on the ridgeline, and a minute later the LB arrives (onboard medic, miraculously) and hovers a foot or so away from the ridge. Under fire, we make an epic jump across empty space onto the helo :D

Heres where the really realistic stuff kicks in. Me and my cuz are lettin out whoops of joy as we're passing over Muttrah city at about 200 feet. The bay comes up below us, and we continue flying for about 4 seconds over the bay when we get a lockon tone. Immediately, 2 AA are flying towards us. One whooshes by, the other scores a direct hit and kills the pilot+medic in the cockpit.

Plummeting in a pilotles chopper to certain death 200 feet below, I'm freakin out, breathing fast and sweatin. It was one of those split-second survival choices; either stay onboard for certain death, or fling ourselves off the helo while we still had the altitude to drift away enough from the impact explosion (and judging it so we didnt fling ourselves at an altitude where our own impact would kill us).

We fall for a good 50 feet and I yell JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We freefall for 2 seconds and smack the water at high speed. Chopper explodes on impact, blood loss is is incurred to both of us by water impact combined with helo splash damage. I get on the radio and begin calling for another helo- we're both bleeding fast and have less than 2 minutes left.

He dies first from bloodloss. Soon thereafter I succumb to the bloodloss, and as I begin staring up into the sky, the deep thump of the rescue huey is heard directly overhead. T'was epic :D

Picture from that round (this was moments before being hit):



More times:

.5, getting shot down in the A10 over the heart of Basrah. Hit by AA and caught fire, I had to bail directly over the city. Evading capture, I make my way out into open desert, pop signal smoke and get a helo lift home.

Another time- On Qwai, defending government offices with a kickass FOB for a good 40 minutes. All the enemy outside the compound stop firing and back off.

This promptly scares the SH*T out of all of us. We knew JDAM was incoming. We knew that there was a low chance of survival if we tried to escape the compound (they had us surrounded). Being SL, I took the only other seemingly possible option- take cover in the firebase (this was back when they were sandbag bunkers). I order all men spare the medic to take out their shovels and hold down leftclick. All holding our breath, we hear the incoming whistle of the JDAM. SKIDOOSH!!!!!!! We all instantly die :P

2009-07-01, 00:24
Moved to "PR Tales from the Front"

2009-07-01, 00:29
.8. Was doing a public game with my old clan the 13thMEU. was about 12 of us on same side. On Ramiel, we get ambushed by stryker. They threw fire and missed with loads of rpgs. It was scary movie realistic. I was suppressed the whole time. I was medic and went to get a guy healed up. All of a sudden 2 technicals come in from different sides and wipe out about 4 guys. Stryker rolls back in and cleans up nice.

Our total kill score went from 35 to about 60. Keep in mind this was the 2 squads Combined.

All In a Matter of about 2 Minutes.

Best Round of Project Reality. Ever

2009-07-01, 00:36
Oh yeah, I also forgot about my most amazing and realistic helo crash-

Was transporting some troops as USMC on Muttrah, in an LB. I was returning them to Docks from just south of North City. Just as I'm entering a turn with rudder, we get locked and hit by an AA. One man flies off the helo, killed, as we enter into an uncontrolled sideways flight condition. We slam into the top of a warehouse rooftop, two brave souls hop out onto the rooftop as we're dragging across it at high speeds. We come off the otherside of the rooftop (3 men still onboard) and then narrowly avoiding two cranes, coming to a skidding halt between some ship containers on the docks. 6 men survived the crash (including myself :P )

2009-07-02, 16:54
Not sure if this is super realistic, but i want to share it anyways..

It was on Muttrah, and was on the USMC side. Me and my Squad Leader were being transported in a little bird and our pilot was killed somehow.. he might've been shot / disconnected / crashed.. i can't remember. So anyways the pilot dies and me and my SL are sitting in the little bird shitting our pants whilst falling to our deaths, but somehow we didn't die... the little bird fell to the ground and we both bailed right before it hit. Neither of us took any damage, and the little bird didn't take hardly any either, it just amazed both of us.

2009-07-02, 17:44
My most realistic moments are those, where somebody is doing shit like:

Killing you because you got a kit "He wanted"
Killing you in any vehicle (and the vehicle as well) "he wanted" and fuckin it up for the whole team.
Killing your teams Rallypoints / Firebase
Doing baserape when it is not allowed
Using kits/Assets and dosen't know how (never been @ the training server) and losing the Kit/Asset within 2 minutes....

All that bad stuf players can do..

It reminds me that the players i play with and against belong to the most stupid race found on a little planet called earth: HUMANS......

2009-07-02, 18:10
Running on karbala running a US army cavalry squad.

We had 2 humvees with 50's and 1 humvee unarmed, our job was to drive to base pick up any guys and bring 'em to cache position, while we would sit stationary around their rally's covering them but also the infantry moving up.

So after some waves of infantry a cache would be clear and they mounted up on our humvees, and we just patrolled around Karbala city, when we had contact we would brake, infantry would bail out and take out any targets, and then seek out the sector we got shot from for caches.

one time we also where at the compounds on the east, and we were stationary with 50 meter spread on the left side of the road, we saw a 2 technicals turning left on the road just 300 meters away, and we tried to kill the gunner first, since they opend fire, at the moment that happend a friendly soldier came running out of the compound area and aimed a AT4 right on 1 technical taking out the driver, and smashing it into a lantarn pole while blowing up.
Second technical got taken out by the 2 50's concetrating fire.

we also where driveing trough a street once, when insurgent where popping up the roofs taking unaccurate fire at us, and our 50's just gave unaimed fire on those roofs while still going top speed, and the squad in the unarmed humvee where just fireing as much as they can wich the result payed off, i saw 2 or 3 insurgents dropping on the ground while i was looking over my steering wheel.

for some reason it felt really awesome when we saw all those humvees in the street, and a squad all around the humvees you could really feel each squad has his own role, i was a designated humvee driver and such, and i didnt care about anything else it felt pretty real hearing people opening up on the technicals over 300 meters killing one and then made it smash into a lantarn pole, while the other got taken out by concentrated fire.

And that was with support of just public people!
think it was on the MIF france server or something

2009-07-02, 18:11
Muttrah City, .75.

Muttrah wasn't in 0.75, also that's a screenshot from 0.809, which sounds more plausible.

2009-07-02, 18:38
Sweet story Arjan! Can see it happening in action movie's :P

2009-07-05, 01:56
I was playing in Korengal Valley earlier today as the first time being an officer! I started up an "Outpost Def" squad, and the squad got filled up, notably two South Koreans who I could speak to because I know Korean. We spawn in the outpost, beginning with a very rough start. With uncertainty from the lack of experience, I ordered my squad around to take up positions on the machine gun nests. Soon wave upon waves of Taliban come and test our very fragile defenses. My rally point gets overrun very quick, so half my squad is killed, and I'm one of the only ones left up on the lonely hill. I set up a FOB on the hill, but there's no one to build it up. I frantically try to set up a rally point, but I later get overrun by the Taliban and die.

Now the two Korean guys got in an APC, and the rest of my squad was scattered all over the place. We regrouped at a firebase nearby, and I decide to retake the outpost. In mixed Korean, I order the APC to support me and a very helpful teammate named firstfrost or something like that to come with me. The Taliban set up a technical up at the front gate, and there's like five of them in there. So the APC rolls up, and starts blasting away their defenses. Meanwhile, Firstfrost and I sneak up from the side, and we start lobbing grenades. After expending all of our explosives, we charged in as a two man team, and killed EVERYONE! He was a machine gunner, and was doing work. We cleared out the whole base, except we didnt know a Taliban medic was hiding in one of the machine gun nests. He killed my buddy, but I rushed in and capped his head with my M4 Carbine in close range. Another very helpful teammate is up on the mountain top over head, and starts sniping Taliban that came towards me. The APC docked itself in the front entrance, and I set up a rally point and a FOB. The driver left to help build the FOB, while the gunner camped on the hill area furthest away from the entrance of the outpost. So it's just me, the APC gunner, and the APC driver building away on the FOB alone.

My helpful sniper kept me up to date about enemy movement, and picked off about five during the whole session of sniping. I took out about two hostiles, getting injured multiple times, then I would rely on my field dressing from the supply crate for dear life. Amazingly we survived the onslaught, and the FOB is constructed. From there on, it seemed like everything is going to be alright. My squad regrouped at my position on the outpost, and I set up the rally point.

However in a quick turn of events, the enemy starts lobbing grenades at our position, and harasses us in every way possible. The Korean guys in the APC drives off back to base to rearm, leaving us very vulnerable. Our supply crates were blown up, so we couldn't set up any defenses. So we fought tooth and nail, but we quickly were scattered, and died.

Fortunately we re spawned at a firebase pretty close by to the outpost to the west of it. The sniper that covered me earlier came down and regrouped, and I was with a full fighting force. The APC returned, we hopped on, and we began our counter attack. We hopped out about 20 m west of the outpost, and we ordered the APC to spearhead the assault. We received light enemy fire, but we advanced without a hitch. We lobbed a wave of grenades again to send the Taliban defenders back to Allah, and we grappling hooked up our way into the base. Our assault was beautifully executed, and we reseized the outpost in only ten minutes.

Now we had a medic, a gunner, specialist, and an APC crew that was willing to stay and defend us. I finally got the hang of being a squad leader, and reestablished a FOB after a supply drop from a supply truck. I also constructed an MG nest perfectly nestled in front of the entrance, and a barbed wire wall that almost completely sealed off the entire front of the outpost.

We were invincible, nothing could stop us. The APC was in the outpost, obliterating everything that the Taliban threw against us. In one incident, the APC took out two technicals that were approaching from the west of our position. In another event, I harassed a technical that was shooting at us from the mountaintop with my mounted SAW, and the APC finished it off. Our squad persevered through the rain of grenades and bullets, mainly thanks to our medic.

We continued to defend our position for more than 20 minutes, proving ourselves as the ultimate outpost defense squad.

One of my squad members was a sniper, and he all of a sudden spotted an insurgent hide out on a hill top about 537 m away from us! It was hecka far away, and I had to use my GTLD to zoom in and confirm it as a hideout. People stated spawning on top of it, so it had to be it. We couldn't get out of the outpost, so I decided to give the APC's firepower for a spin. I marked the hide out with an attack marker, and the APC rolled on top of our outpost hill. We worked together to coordinate the assault, and the APC started streaming out a torrent of precise fire at the hideout. I didn't think it would work, but amazingly, it did. The hideout was soon shattered into a bare frame, and we just accomplished taking out an enemy asset from such a far distance.

A few minutes later, somebody sniped our sniper who was scouring the battlefield for more hostiles. I ordered the APC back up to look for the sniper, but unfortunately I found out it was out of ammo. Our defenses quickly fell apart when someone alerted us of an RPG insurgent crawling through our entrance. I quickly rushed to kill him, but he expertly knocked me out, and soon knocked everyone else out. All the APC could do was watch.

We respawned at the main base, and I ordered the APC to work its way out and get back to main to re arm and transport us back to retake the outpost once again. However the APC struck an IED along the way or something, and was destroyed. Then the Korean guys left the squad.

I was left with my other helpful teammates, and we started engaging hostiles camping outside our main base. I really loved how the gunner directly told us he was giving us covering fire, suppressive fire, etc. Just like a scene in a war movie, we lay prone on the grassy field, firing at the enemy. We spotted another hideout, and I took it out very swiftly.

Our fight lasted long, but we decided to begin a takeover of the outpost for the last time. By then, we only had like 40 tickets. We moved across the stream from the south, and grappling hooked our way across the mountainous terrain. With a coordinated assault with another squad nearby, we toppled the Taliban for the last time. After wiping off the last of the defenders, the epic match ended.

All the tactics and communication made this experience so realistic.

2009-07-05, 08:44
Defending Camp Murphy (although lack of cover sucks) on Korengal is always way more immersing that doing alpine hiking for caches.

2009-07-08, 08:22
I remember this like it was yesterday.

I played as a civ back in 0.85.

Me and my mate thought it would be funny to try an ambush. He gradded an Al-Quds or whatever its called. We were on Fallujah West, and there were reports of an APC convoy near the Mosque on the dual carriage-way. I ran out infront of the APCs and stood infront on them, a la Tianiman Square. Being a real "peace keeper" lol, I starting throwing rocks at the APC infront of me and they started to get annoyed cause they couldn't seem, to get around me.

An infantry squad who was sitting in the APC decided to dismount and chase me down seeing as I was a real threat. YET. I ran back to my mates position who had his MG set up on a 2nd floor of a building looking down an alley. I ran though the alley and duck for cover. That squad got owned. Hehe.

Quite a realistic ambush I'd say. :twisted:

2009-07-08, 10:05
One flaw with that Mcscruff when run you get mowed down by a vehicle as a civi us counts as arresting you.

2009-07-08, 12:52
Frankly any good firefight is my most realistic moment. It amazes me how real this game is when im lying behind a small dirt burm, and bullets are zipping over my head and smacking into my cover. The sound of the enemy gunshots, and my own squads return fire, coupled with the suppression effect and the frantic yelling of the squaddies creates a very real picture.