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2009-05-11, 12:48
Sometimes in Project Reality there are fire fights were you get hit and scream for a medic.

Sometimes you get to shoot some rounds and run for cover.

Sometimes, it gets so awesome you can hardly describe it

My best firefight was on Korengal, my US squad got pinned down on the central road. Attacked from the rear. Our SAW gunner did a great job. Covering fire while we got off the road.

Tracers were going everywhere.

Nobody got hit or wounded but for about 20 - 25 seconds we just blasted away and then bailed out of there with smoke covering our asses.

It was awesome.

Share your favorite firefight. Please name map, what happened, what did the squad to and the results.

2009-05-11, 14:49
Asad Khal.

My squad was round some boxes and walls and fighting 4 or 5 arabs pinned down in a couple of buildings. For a couple of minutes things were pretty slow, I think we lost one but he was brought back up and we were hitting them too.

Soon we started all firing on them pretty heavily and got their heads down. Everyone in one of the buildings, I think two guys, were killed. With the whole squad pinning their last few down I just sprinted about 30 yards to the second building and somehow made it without being seen. I walked past at least 1 dead body, went up the stairs to see one guy remaining, hiding behind a window and occasionally peeking out.

Slowly I crouched and walked towards him. I was going to just shoot when I realised I should knife for extra humiliation, so I fixed the bayonet to my rifle while literally one yard behind, told everyone to stop shooting, and stabbed him.

So we won. :D

2009-05-11, 15:01
Al Basrah, i was a tank gunner in an armor squad, our team was sweeping the village for 2 caches that are located very closely together, my squad and another APC squad was tasked to defend that area(along with a firebase), we fought off 2 bomb cars+(one more passenger version), 3 technicals and the WMD truck within 5 minutes, with all guns from the tank and APCs blazing away(yes, even the .50cal to fend off one bomb car that came really close).Not to mention the amount of insurgents coming this way, that moment reminds me of the human wave tactic used in WWII. After the 2 caches have been taken out, we lost 2 rovers to RPGs and i'm left with 8 rounds of cannon shell left(2 HE + 6 APR). The whole firefight lasted 15 mins.

2009-05-11, 15:53
Leading a squad on Korengal through the hills and woods on the southern most part of the map, somewhere between the Insurgent main and the old flag that the US could capture.

Rounds start coming in from the hill opposite us some 200 metres away. Contacts are shouted out, multiple targets on the ridge line! Everyone opens up, SAW gun blazes the hill to suppress their fire. We form a tight defensive arc, covering likely enemy angles. With fire still raining down on us from the hill opposite, fighters start moving down the ridge to close and kill us. The fighting is now getting closer I give the order to pull back to a nearby compound which offers better defensive positions. Hot on our heels the enemy pursues us, with our rear guard taking out a couple trying to follow us. Between us an the compound a flanking insurgent is spotted and dispatched with a well placed grenade. We all make it to the compound and take up firing positions for an attack we know is coming. Some 20 seconds of quiet passes before the insurgents are spotted at various angles all around us. It seems like there are a million of them, and quickly we are over run having taken a good amount of them with us!

After watching the battlerecorder back I counted some 15 insurgents attacking us in total. The squad did amazing to hold out as long as we did. What got us in the end were two insurgents in the hills above the compound which we didnt spot. I took a load of screenshots, unfortunately the rest of the screenshots and battlerecoder are on a HDD that died.


2009-05-11, 20:02
Korengal. Not one of the best firefights, but the best one that I can recall everything. I was in one of two squads that were moving together and communicating through mumble. We took down about 2-3 caches moving from the mountains in the northeast of the map to the forests near the western center across the river without one of our squads getting wiped out.

While moving up a road, we spotted one Taliban popping his head up a hill a few meters in front of us, and a second later, 4 Taliban heads popped up and then even more, I don't remember how much. Almost immediately, everyone started shooting and tracers were flying everywhere. Grenades were sounding off like crazy.

The Taliban had the height advantage and we were quickly getting our asses kicked. The firefight lasted less than 20 seconds, and already one of our squads were wiped out. A few seconds later, our squad was wiped out except for me and one other squad mate. I escaped most the chaos by sliding down a hill and attempting to flank them. I was badly bleeding at the time.

My squadmate followed. While we were sneaking around to their flank,I saw a Taliban solider behind him. I looked at him through my optic sights and pressed my fire button. To my dismay, I heard the *click* sound of an empty magazine. I warned my squadmate over my VOIP about his flank, and he took him out. While I was reloading, Taliban soliders almost immediately appeared at all sides, so I slid down another hill to escape but due to all the damage I had sustained, I died when I slid down.

=]H[= BrewCrew
2009-05-11, 20:25
Asad Khal. As MEC Forces, we managed to secure the Southern Objective. Several troops had taken the high ground over-looking the fields to the South using the swinging walk bridge to get to their position. Just down the stairs North from their position we constructed a Forward Outpost in the enclosed area & started laying Razorwire & Foxholes. Things were mostly quiet as the construction took place, then suddenly the gunfire began. Brits were swarming from the SouthWest out of the barn and around the small water-tower, moving closer & closer. Grenades & Tracers flying everywhere you couldn't hear eachother on VOIP things were so intense. We'll never know if the Brits had what it took to overrun us - all 32 of us were respawning at that location.

After about 2 steady minutes of fire the round ended victoriously for the MEC. My *BEST* firefight, never seen anything like it.

2009-05-11, 20:40
My favorite so far was on Operation Archer, on the US team. It was going badly, we had destroyed one cache in the village already, but two more had appeared there as well. My squad was separated and I was confused, considering I could not find ANY way into the damn village. Finally, I circled around to the south and crossed the river. We're getting insurgent spawns all over the place, I'm hit and bleeding, the only two guys with me are pinned down, so I run into the nearest building. A few minutes ago, one of the guys in my squad went commander, so I run upstairs, pull out my lase, and call an area attack a few meters in front of my position. A second later (literally), I get hit and go down.

This part amazed me. We have an area attack coming down on my position, but somehow my entire squad managed to regroup on my building. My medic revives me, we take cover downstairs, and the artillery comes in, destroying both caches. That was probably the most badass I have ever felt in PR so far.

2009-05-12, 13:44
Kashan Desert
i was on the MEC team in an inf squad. our order was to capture the South Bunker we were dropped on the roof eferything went easy until we got the flag to neutral! suddenly i hear over the Voip " ENEMY ATTACK CHOPPER!" one of our teammates looked out on the roof with his AA when suddenly the UH-60 landed and somehow dodged the AA-missile a squad jump out and was trying to get down the stairs where i was standing with my Automatic Rifleman when i heard the shots and my squadmate fell down the stears and cursing over the Voip i knew that this was the time for some epic pwnage the us troops began running down the stairs and i shot 2 or 3 i don't recall it but i was bleeding so i called for a medic and ran around the corner to cover the medic but suddenly an APC went in the front entrance pinning us down in the front of the bunker we didn't have any lat or hat so we tried to pusht the battle upstairs on the roof and so we did but to our big surprice the americans Apache was cruising right over us and blew us all up :(

2009-05-13, 20:30
My best Firefight.

Hmm well ill give you two.

First of:

Kashan Desert: MEC: Squadmember

We had 2 votnicks and we had positioned ourself between north bunker and north village, in the hill. We fire at the village, lots of fireworks. Then we rush North village and take out all enemies there.
After that, we get helicopters dropping supplies to us, so we build a firebase.

Suddenly a LAT hits near us, and our 2 50 cals starts opening up. The enemy rockets keep hitting near us everywhere with a reasonable delay. Markers everywhere. Firefight like this lasts for about 10 minuits.

Im in one 50. the enemy is no longer in sight, so i look up. A parachute! An entire enemy squad is landing in our midst with pilot kits, taking us out.

Was hilarious:) (This was 0.75)

Second firefight

Barracuda:USMC: Squadleader

My squad was split up into 2 fireteams, and just after defending it for about 10 min with another squad, i order that squad somewhere else.

Now its only my squad defending, i order 2 guys to start patrolling the area around us, and me and another cover SE and the other NW i think. Maybe im wrong.

Then instantly after leaving the flag the patrol gets contact, we help them out. We get contacts everywhere, there is a friendly Sniper at our midst, BLUE, i tell him over mumble to get out.

Wave after wave after wave of small infantry units keep pouring in. We figure of course there is a rally, but they always come from different angles and at the same time too. It felt like we were defending it against the whole Chinese team, at the end i lose my connection, crash. I get back in and my squad is still there. By then a friendly squad had landed at Missile and we won:D

Was the UKWF server, you rock!

I had one Fireteam leader his name was Angry Welshman, he did an outstanding job, best fireteamleader ever!

2009-05-13, 22:38
Mine has to be a really good one on Operation Archer. We had set up a firebase at castle (I like to do that a lot, you dominate half the map with the .50s), and we were in the process of handing over to another squad, when our sniper sees about 20 targets coming from everywhere, and .50 2 technicals. I just went "What the f-" before 3 RPGs explode over my head. Gun were going off everywhere, me, as the SAW gunner on the NE tower, was pouring fire onto one of the technicals. Our LAT guy blows up one, and we quickly take out approx 10 guys, with a few going around back to see if they can get in. Next thing I know, half of our base was in ruins from a mortar strike, and onle the sniper and I are alive (from which I took cover), from after I promptly killed 3 Taliban, and the sniper killing 2. There are still about 5 so I go Kamikaze and take out another 3 surprisingly. I feel a shot go right over my head and I'm like wtf to the sniper, until I turn around and see the dead Taliban body. I just lol'd.

until 2 guys take me out and quickly take out the sniper

2009-05-13, 23:34
this wasent realy a firefight but a great capture

on kasecstan<--- if spelt right the big desert any way we was raiding north bunker i think it was we move up with armor squeds all 4 tanks the 2 apcs and 1 aa and a atack choper above us we all moved forward as one big line the eanmy team shouted in all chat **** WHERE DOOMED THEN (BOOM) 2 two apcs was taken out by mine so the tanks backed off 3 got taken out by enymy atack choper aa got taken out by tank the last crew of the last tank got out and ran "died" we was at the wall sourounded by enamy troops so we thort wheres the atack chopper then we sore 2 pilots parashooting down....... so basecly we had 2 pilots 2 crewmen and my squed we was moving to the entrence of the bunker compound then we see two black hawks coming over the ridge fully armded with hats and suplys so we made a fb then the bh came bk to pick us up 1 got masecerd by the atack choper the over got taken out with a full sq my sq i was only one there with fb destoyd so i thort whats the point picked up a hat took out the tank found a mec aa kit took out there atack choper ran in with oficers kit killd a humvee with a nade got 2 rallys and took out 2 squeds with 1 yes 1 nade now tht was best part of my pr life........

btw we won the game cuz of me and my great tactics

2009-05-19, 23:06
This happened on Karbala when I lead my squad into the little village to the west to find a cache. We entered a building to set a rally and every insurgent in the area came running at us trying to get into the building. We spend 4-5 minutes in there guarding the door and dodging molotovs until finally we decided to make a dash out to the desert. Bad move. When we left the building and tried to run a techincal mowed us down.

It was one of my most intense moments in PR ever.

2009-05-19, 23:35
this was in version 0.75.
were were mec team on jabal, full squad in vodnik rushing to west beach to cap, on the road that leads from west beach too the bridge a fully loaded humvee comes up. WE EXACTLY MIRRORED OUR MOVES. all our guys xcept the 50. got out and started shooting also our .50 was blearing away.:camper: the usa guys also all got out of their vehicle except the .50 and started dumping their mags on us. :firing:
The firefight was over in 4 seconds flat. our whole squad was somehow all alive, and the usa team was all dead 8-)

then we asked eachother, is everyone allright, apc popped up from behind the hill and slaughterd us :lol:

2009-05-19, 23:51
Was playing Kashan on the TTP Server, had an incompetent team but a fantastic squad. Just about the entire game, we ran around, desperately trying to cap the bunkrs alone while our team jerked off in the hills and main bickering over assets. We bought them time to attack three times (all of which they squandered), holding out in a bunker against everything the MEC had for 10 minutes, every time. We couldn't put up a rally point for longer than a minute - we had to stay alive with what we had. The worst we put up with was an attackchopper strafing us, a tank and an APC sitting outside, and two infantry squads trying to storm our positions. But every time, we held them off, until we got separated between both floors. That may have been a terrible team, but that was the best squad I ever had. By the end, we had a score of 6500, all of which was earned in combat except for two firebases we built.

2009-05-20, 18:13
Asad Khal

Our whole squad was pushing up through the fields to reclaim South Village from the MEC, and even though we were outnumbered, under heavy fire and frequently breaking cover we made it to the wall. I sent 4 of my squad members to flank around the east and took one guy with me to attack through the breach in the wall. Not wanting any suprises, I pulled out a grenade and threw it into the breach and I was nicely rewarded with several screams, a pile of dead MEC troops and a "I just saw that, it was awesome." from my team mate.

2009-05-20, 19:41
It was on Fools Road. I was playing on the Chechnya side.

The Fight for the Psychedelic Fortification

I was leading my squad to recapture a a fortification on the top of a hill and re-establish our firebase there. We were supported by at least one other friendly squad, and were hitting the main entrance of the fortification with technical L-MG fire. My squad was consisting of quite experienced player who knew what they had to do, and the enemy was a tought nut as well - blood was flowing down the hill.

After smoking the hill in many psychedelic colors, we tried to enter the buildings, and my squad won room for room. There was lots of shooting with rifles set to automatic. And grenades were exploding all over the places.

Finally, with a lot of luck, I managed to enter the last building, which had four levels, and kill the occupent at the first room in auto shots from my rifle. I cleared the room above with a grenade and took the stairs up, only to find a Russian soldier in front of me. We both tried to shoot - by neither of our guns was working, so we had to knife it out.
It was an instinctive move.. and would become one of my most stressful fights in PR, and the satisfaction was great when my knife pierced my enemies body that kicked me to climb to the next level, where I cleared out the top most level with a grenade and killed another guy.

I had to laugh out loud, for it was a really amazing rampage I had done. We had tried to penetrate the last building for at least five minutes, and then I had done it with one killing spree. Well, squad leaders can take point real hard if they want to..

2009-05-20, 21:50
Best Firefight?

Ejod Desert.
US Team, we're at the Vehicle bunkers firing at the MEC who are in the bunkers on the other side, our squad with a SAW gunner are givign covering fire for a squad that's advancing, we're badly outnumbered and suspect theres an enemy sniper or marksman somewhere, we also have a friendly APC giving us fire support, but that gets hit early on and withdraws.

So we're blazing away at the enemy locations, and trying to keep their heads down, you can see tracers flying left right and centre, and you can also see bullets hitting everywhere, the squad trying to advance are pinned down behind a rock, with an enemy squad also advancing towards them. Our SAW gunner opens up on that squad, but is hit by the enemy sniper/marksman and goes down, someone else picks up his kit and continues firing, but the enemy are starting to get more shots down on us and the SAW gunner is pinned down, along with most of the squad, we then hear a load of grenades go off, and look out to see the friendly squad that was advancing has been flanked and killed.

So now we have an enemy squad with good firesupport against our one squad, we open up with everything we've got, and manage to inflict a few casualties on the advancing squad, forcing them down into cover. The APC comes back, with a squad which had some AT, the squad gets out and the APC drops badly needed ammo, and starts giving firesupport, and we start to pin the enemy down again. Then the APC explodes, and we see an enemy tank charging out of main, firing it's .50 and co-ax at us, we all get down, except for a heroic HAT soldier, who stands up and manages to blow the Tank up as it fires it's cannon with HE, in another Epic shot that killed half our squad, and the HAT gunner.

Anyway we've got the enemy pinned down, and the enemy start a counter attack, which we fend off until we win through ticket bleed or something.


Twas cool. :)

2009-05-20, 23:29
My Best Firefight(s), which all were in the most epic round I have ever had -

Map - Ramiel
Faction - US Army

My squad was under fire and I was killed. Our medic was down too, so I clicked to respawn at our rally which wasn't far behind the rest of my squad. Either I missed clicking the button or it just glitched, because I ended up spawning at the Airport (as a medic).

There was a chopper squad, so I hopped in the black hawk and gave the pilot some co-ordinates right outside the front of the city. We touched down and I got out, thanked the pilot, and then hid in a bush beside a small alley-way to tell my squad where I was. As I was doing so, an insurgent passed in front of me. I as quick as I could put a burst right in him.

I rounded the corner to look down the alley-way and took a shotgun hit. Lucky for me, he was farther down and the shot didn't kill me. I returned fire and took him out. I went back into the bush I had been in and healed myself. After I stopped the bleeding, I stepped across the alley-way into one of those apartment like buildings. As I went across it though, I saw three insurgents coming towards me. I sidestepped my way into the building firing at them, hitting (most likely...) but not killing them. I went to the balcony of the apartment building and peeked over the edge to see if the insurgents were there yet. I noticed one had an RPG, so I stood up and fired three or so bursts, taking him out. His two buddies opened up on me and I ran down stairs. I tried to do the sidestepping fire across the alley-way again, but they were closer then I thought and I took at AK to the face.

I'm telling you. That round was the most amazing round of PR I have ever had.

After that firefight, we got the black hawk to take us to the intel which was in the north-west of the map. He landed us too close and we started taking sporadic fire from buildings to the north. We all popped smoke and me and a squadmate ran up an alley way to flank. I saw a guy with a PKM and took him out. An insurgent popped out behind me and my squad-mate nailed him. Then I was killed from somewhere and my squad-mate picked up my kit, revived me, and we kept on fighting together.

Another squad started moving towards that cache as well, so we all moved towards the next and last one. We split up because someone had gotten separated and killed, so we, me and another medic, headed to get him. We revived and healed him, then continued on a parallel road to the rest of our squad. I'm not sure what happened the the other three of our squad, but the three of us came on a road and started taking AK fire from a doorway in a wall on the other side of the street. The other two with me suppressed him and I ran to the other side of the road and got alongside the wall. An Insurgent tossed a grenade over the wall, but it was far enough away that I only took minor damage, which my team-mate took care of. I moved in to the doorway and took out an insurgent hiding behind one of our ammo boxes (don't know how it got there), then took out on that was facing the other direction.

From out of nowhere, my squad leader shows up and we move into the compound. We take fire from the roof and my squad leader goes down. I revive him while I think someone threw a grenade onto the roof. It turned out, the last cache was at the base of the building and we destroyed it happily.

That was the first time I had ever been a coalition force, and won an Insurgency game. I ended that game second place on my team with 1300 points, 16 kills, and 8 or 9 deaths.

2009-05-21, 01:13
Fallujah West

We were searching for a cache somewhere in the B3 region when me (being the medic) and kwcool? (specialist) decided to check this one house without the rest of our squad. While making sure the house was empty, I came across one of those doors that can be shot open. So the specialist quickly breaks it open and we rush in, catching 4 insurgents shooting out of windows. We make quick work of them. As we start reloading, I see a lone insurgent start running into the building. When he pops his head out, we open a full stream of lead... and somehow don't kill him. Desperately trying to heal myself, my squad mate keeps the enemy pinned down until he throws a molotov in between us. kwcool dies and i make a daring rush to take down the insurgent. I go back, revive cool, and head back downstairs. We finally decide to move out of the compound that we were in and... we get cut down by and RPK. Never had so much adrenaline pumping....

2009-05-21, 02:29
Best firefight/s would be on Ejod Desert Infantry layer. Either between Gas Station and the City, or between Gardens and North Desert, it gets incredibly intense and the best games I've had on Project Reality in 0.85 have been on this map/layer. It's very balanced, everyone sticks together because it's so hard to move up, and fighting across the trenches/tank bunkers are incredibly fun! There is nothing like the feeling of 64 soldiers locked in symmetrical combat...

2009-05-21, 02:41
um, i cant remember the name of the map.. karbala i think, its russions vs chech, with the russions have tanks and such, and chech have at apc's.

i was chech team, and i startted as a one man squad.
then one joined, and one more, while i was WAY away from any crates.
as time progresses, i get a full squad and im chased away from the russion main... by a tank.
i get back to fallback, get officer kit, and the team wants a firebase neer, so my squad, and about 10 other ppl, start work on it (little exageration) while we are building, tanks and apc's are comming from the russion main, and we have the at thing manned.
we get it build, and a tank flanks us, we retreat, get overrun, and restart back a bit.
our team gets the flag back.

about 5 minutes after flag cap

we start taking heavy fire, like at the start of the game. i run and place a rally with my squad, and we go to the little hesco bunker thing with one barbed wire entrance and one open entrance.i drop both crates from the suplpy truck, and we build a firebase. then i fail at placing wire, and a sm suggest that we place a truck in place for now, and i agree. we build one 50 enplacement at the entrace blcked by the truck, and the war begians majorly, we have the the whole server, exept 1 of out teams squad, and 1 of the russion squads, figting right there. we are all infintry. some of the other solders have at, lat, markman, anything to fight with, and it is just bullets flying, everything diing, for a good half hour. then a tank gets arround and shoots the makeshift blockade. we kill the tank, and i try and place a wire, the truck remains fly off a bit, i try agian, it repeats, the 4th time i try, it is finnaly placed and build. about 5 minutes later, we are out of supplies, and the one russion squad in the distance has our supply lines blcked, we can still spawn, but we cant get more ammo. more ppl are spawning with ammo. then the inevitable happens.. nade spam. nades are everywhere, we are still shooting randomly from behind our cover, we are noe like rats in a cage. we are all doomed, and we know it, but we keep fighing.

at one point my and an e are taking turns standing and shooting each other from each side of the hesco barrier.

some sm notice the fb is no longer spannable, to to large ammount of e, and our rally was overrun. we set the rally, and start to head back, and a tank comes and blowes the razorwire, and drives in, it get demolished.
inf come and rebuild the small remains of the razor wire, but it is futile, we are overrun, and my squad, the only survivers, are forced to retreat.

at the end of the round, my squad get an apc and drives in there to start reclaming the flag. we lost...

2009-05-21, 05:36
My best firefight was in Operation Archer. I was the marines and we had built a FoB inside that one compound near the village around B5 or so. We were literally surrounded from all sides by the Taliban who had PKMs, RPGs, Grenadier kits, etc. It was like watching one of those firefight videos on youtube or some other site. It was a five minute hardcore firefight where there was non-stop RPG rockets and Mortars (Taliban Grenadier kits) and the PKM tracers would not let you stand up a bit. You see tracers going everywhere and the Taliban had the area SO covered that no Huey could come in pick us up or even drop some supplies, we were forced to defend on our own.
The commander managed to organize the squads up to where each squad would cover a wall. My squad got the south end (Which we later nicknamed "Hell wall"). I had the grenadier kit and the entire time I was pumping non-stop grenades at the Taliban. One of my squad members got the Marksman kit and was picking off the Taliban from afar. Five minutes into the fight I ran out of grenades to fire and the crates were long gone because of all of the reloadings that were going on. So we had to call in a huey. Minutes later one came and he was firing flares like a madman, weaving left and right until he managed to drop a crate onto the base. (Everyone congratulated him and thanked him via chat, which was nice). He later came back again with another crate. But right when he flew away he was shot down by a Taliban AA.
So the fight had lasted for nearly ten minutes until finally another squad was picking off the weapons caches while we kept the insurgents busy. Another ten minutes passes and we manage to push the Taliban back (Due to range advantage).
After the firefight, there was a moment of silence until one of the guys spoke up, saying "Holy...shit.."(His voice sounded as if he had actually went through that fight in reality.) The entire squad laughed and we started talking about our kills. (Sounds like Generation Kill).
After talking about that firefight I told my squad to line up so that I can take a team picture. I took it and looked at it and I swear to you all, it's like looking at a picture in the book. It was nice.

I would've shown a picture..but I think I deleted it a long time ago.
Here try picturing it like this..: (But imagine with enemy tracers actually coming back and RPG rockets hitting and all sorts of explosions...and of course the screen getting blurry)

YouTube - firefight in Iraq (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFds4MPbIiE)

2009-05-22, 02:51
On Korengal Valley on the US side, we got our asses handed to us and we were fighting with all we had to break out. They had technicals set up and guys everywhere. Me and a squadmate went for a swim and managed to not be seen by the insurgents all over the place. We got up on the shore behind them and tried to figure out how we were going to take em down (the battle to get out of our base had been going on for 10 minutes). We only had our grenades, rifles, and grappling hook. Climbed into the only untouched walled city and began chucking nades at insurgent positions then pulled back to wait for em.

About a minute later the hook came over and they destroyed the front gate. We fought as best we could, but I went down in 30 seconds and he only lasted a couple more. We managed to take 13 of them overall (5 with nades, the rest with our rifles). The game only lasted another 5 minutes before we ran out of tickets, but it honestly was fun the whole thing, especially the above story.

2009-05-22, 08:07
Map: Kashan Desert
Faction: US

Although i'm still fairly new to PR, i'm already in love with it and this map was where two of my favourite firefights took place. Both of these firefights also took place in the same game.

It started when I joined Squad 5 who it turned out were to deploy in the southernmost region of the map to corvertly capture South Village, while the main US forces captured the South Bunkers. However as soon as we were dropped of by Chopper it became apparant that the enemy also predicted this move. Not only was the village itself strongly defended but there was also enemy armour and they had established a foothold on the hillside to the south of the Village.

To cut a long story short and get to the firefight, our squad walked up the hill and quickly dispached the enemy who were too focued on monitering the flatlands leading up to the Village.

Once on the hill our SL (forget his name, but he was skilled) demanded re-enforcements which were granted in the form of two tanks and air support. We were ordered by the SL to run down the hill and reach the outskirts of the village under air and sniper support. This was truly brilliant, with tanks firing at the village and providing us a smokescreen, massive air bombing runs and random enemy machine gun and rifle fire cracking past our heads. The assault of South Village eneded in a final firefight by the dried up river bed with the remaining MEC's hiding in building firing out of windows which was ended with some well placed grenades and covering fire.

The Second firefight took place around 30 minutes later when our SL was told the battle for the South Bunkers was not going well and the US forces were now on the defensive trying desperatley to hold the North Bunkers. So our SL requested pickup, a chopper quickly arrived and for some reason (not sure weather it was the pilot being stupid our our SL being gun ho) we were dropped off right in the middle of South Bunkers under heavy fire. The pilot didn't survive, nor did 2 of our squad, the rest of us dived into an metal container. We then tried to make a run for one of the bunkers which none of us made it to.

The whole thing was really good fun, but the bit that really won me was the scale of the destruction of South Village, it couldn't have been more bombed and shelled, although a suprising number of buildings came out intact, as our sniper had to keep an eye out for enemy's hiding on roofs.

2009-05-22, 17:24
In opperation archer a rpg hit the right side of helo we were in (going max speed at low altitude). The pilot and about 3 pasengers were killed but the helo landed with out crashing in a village then we got into a gunfight with 2 full technicals. Our squad of 5 escaped with 2 deaths but they were healed by the medic. On the way back to main we came across 2 un-marked caches. we had no more resistance on the way back

2009-05-23, 07:04
Me and my squad was sittting near outpost in a village looking thing we waited we started getting shot from the other side of the valley we had 2 saw shooting across to them but we could not see them we got ambushed from behing us we had 1 saw looking behind us and 1 saw shooting into the other side of the valley 13 talibans came behind us our saw gunner killed most of them he died our medic rivied him thay sent a couple of rpgs into us but dident kill anyone lucky 1 got close to me we called in the lil bird to come pick us up he took another 3 mins to get to us we were pinned until the lil bird arrived and we got out salfly with 3 injured.
thats my best fire fight so far.

2009-05-23, 09:19
Kashan Desert, USMC.

I was flying a Blackhawk, transporting my inf SQD from the main base to one of the bunkers (I think it was south), I flew in hot, taking light arms fire, but not much, the shots were coming from low ground so I knew I would be ok if I could land on the bunker real fast, so I flew in, hovered over the south bunker, a few feet off the ground.

Suddenly, AA warnings are going off like crazy, I pull up and drop flares as soon as my SQD unloads, I barely dodge the first missile, and the second one manages to clip me and messes up my rear rotor. So, I as my warning keeps going off, I decide that the only way I can make it out is if I bail, I precede to climb as high as I can and then I bail. I give it a good 3-5 count and pull the cord, I get wounded by the choppers explosion on the way, but I'm just barely starting to bleed.

I finally hit the roof safe and sound when suddenly I see a MEC transport chopper dropping troops off behind me about 15-20 feet away, so the MEC soldiers are freaking out and trying to shoot me as quick as possible, but miss. I make it through the roof entrance and make my way down, I walk backward with my pistol out and manage to take out 3/5 of them! But I got hit, and my bleed out got much worse, my screen goes grey, I'm calling out for my SQD who is down on the ground level of the bunker, 2 of them come up to help me, I manage to wound the 4th guy before he takes me out! My two team mates take out the last two guys and then the medic revives me, I pick up an enemy kit and we kept defending that bunker for about 10 minutes before an APC managed to wipe us out!

One of my best PR moments. :firing:

2009-05-24, 10:45
Korengal Valley, was a Sqd Member with this fellow name Sharpyz (now in my clan).
We were the US trying to kill the Insurgents. Racked up 114kills that night and about 3caches with area attacks.

2009-05-24, 13:12
114 kills, wow that is alot.

Today was on UKWF playing Ejod Desert. Our squad rushed with a inf truck to east of gas station. There we moved into the station and waited for the city to be captured. 3 of us moved out to attack a sniper team just west of us, and the rest of us fired into a firebase slightly north. After a few raids on the fire base and a few deaths later we were pushed back to our rally where we had crates dropped by a supply truck. We were surpressed for a good 10 minutes with us just firing heavy anti tank, Grenade launchers and much ammunition as we could actually get. But generally every time our heads went up a sharp shooter would be on us or the SAW gunner would rake the hill. After all that we were wiped out and had to spawn at city. Even though it didnt go to plan was lots of fun.

2009-05-25, 04:07
On Al Basrah (easily of my favorite maps):

All three caches were in that area west of the main city, in between the three compounds out there, though only one was revealed. (there are three right? I can't remember exactly) Anyways... it's in that big open area with a few fields and bombed out compounds in between roads and little ridges. Basically what happened was a MASSIVE firefight involving at least 80% of the entire server in a very small area.

I was squad leader, and had one of the best squads I've worked with so far, great shots, listened to orders, but at the same time not afraid to take their own initiative.

We assaulted the southernmost compound after crossing a field and taking out a few insurgents there (there had been a cache in the field, so I guess that makes 4 caches in this small area), I had one guy in an armed land rover covering us, he did a great job. Great use of landrovers can make a massive difference on Al Basrah in particular.

This is where it got crazy, insurgents were piling out of this one compound like FLIES, we probably racked up 10 kills right there (a cache was inside of course), meanwhile we're getting shot at from another compound directly to our north and from insurgents on rooftops at the western edge of the main city. Some guys go down, but our medic does a fantastic job. The bulk of our team is north of us, assaulting the northern most compound (where we're taking fire from as well like I said) so we're kind of on our own. At some point our landrover gets blown to bits so we lose a significant amount of our firepower. (it was hanging way back on my orders, shooting at targets I called out for it with binocs, but it came under fire from insurgents attacking from the north east)

As we're busying fighting within 10 meters of the southern compound (we still can't get inside because there's so many insurgents coming out), I spot yet another full insurgent squad flanking us on our right alongside a ridge to the south of all the main fighting ), we open up on them as well and get a couple perfect shots. I swear there's nothing so satisfying as waiting for that perfect shot and seeing a body flop down at a couple hundred meters away through your scope. Still, 3 or 4 of them are still alive. We're now getting hammered from two opposite sides while still being unable to fight our way inside the compound we've been stuck at.

I order everyone to pop smoke and lob nades, if we don't get in we're fucked, everyone in the team is fantastic so it's a risk worth taking even though we're outnumbered.

We rush inside after a nade barrage, blast three or four remaining insurgents and nail the cache. Someone gets critically wounded, but we heal everyone up. Pretty damn amazing. We're in a much better position now, in cover behind walls, but we still have insurgents on three sides of us (northern compound, behind a ridge to the south, and in another compound closer to the city). Eventually we kill all the guys to our south, and push back two full enemy squads (I'm not exagerrating here, their entire fucking team was all over the place by now, either in the main city on the westernmost roofs, or fighting just oustide it in the compounds) back to within the eastern most compound close to the city. I check the map and the rest of our team is still held back by the insurgents in the northern most cache, even though they have APC support (and we don't). Not to disparage them though, there were, from what I saw, at least 2 enemy squads defending that area (the insurgents were acting in a much more organized manner than usual since this fight was fairly conventional), lobbing RPGs repeatedly and then grabbing ammo at the cache. A couple technicals were also fighting up there, complicating things further for the rest of our team, we managed to kill the crew of one with some VERY lucky long distance firing (I guess if you're throwing as much lead as we were you're bound to hit something)

Eventually I call for more smoke once we have pinned the two enemy squads inside the eastern compound (well mostly at least, obviously they keep sneaking outside it taking shots from ridges around the outside) and we move up to a ridge in between the two compounds, there's an open area to our left, and then another ridge, essentially blocking us from the view of the insurgents in the northern compound.

We start taking HEAVY losses at this point, guys keep going down and needing to be revived, we're getting suppressed like crazy, we're fairly exposed and once again we're getting flanked from the south. I call for a rush on the compound after some smoke, a couple of us make it and nail the 2nd cache, seconds later the northern cache finally goes down and it's GOOD GAME. My squad's K/D ratio is about 5 to 1, with my two best shooters having something like 11-2 and 15-3 respectively. I had a mere 9-3 I'm afraid :p. All regular rifles, a SAW and a medic. Marksman is wholly unecessary if your squad knows how to pour lead accurately down the field.

In retrospect, I probably should have flanked around using the ridge to the south but hey, it's the heat of battle right? Plus I was worried if we got out there our hardfought compound would be lost again and we'd be pinned out in the desert taking fire from both compounds.

Probably my best PR moment ever.

2009-05-25, 04:29
Barracuda on US Marines, we had landed to a penninsula when enemies start to attack from all directions whit rockes and grenades, there were explosins evrywhere for over 2 minutes and evrybodys just screaming to the voip for a medic who had been torn to peaces by a HAT a long time ago, the other squad leaders and i r just spamming for supplies and air support and CAS untill we finaly get the word... "Air suport available" Then i just run over to the tree line and place two smoke grenades and request a fire mission. Too bad i wasnt there to see it because i got killed by a chinese. then we won the round whit the help of helo transport.

2009-05-29, 03:44
In Kozelsk,

I was in a Russian Inf squad, we had captured the south objective, the next was the big facility thing just south of the Chechen base. My infantry squad decided to move along the east side of the map then west to the facility. We just got across the large grassy field and were just about to move through the forest to the marsh area. Suddenly, two FULLY LOADED transport trucks come bombing through the woods towards us. I see them from far away and take time to set up my PKM, I wait until they get closer for an accurate shot and just mowed them all down myself I shot the driver out of one of them and killed most of the people in the back of the truck before they got out, most of em were just confused or were hurt from jumping out early, the other truck pulled 10 meters away from me and they all jumped out to get me, but they all failed. My squad didn't have the time to react because I was ahead of them. I got 14 of the 16 kills and the other two were guys that jumped out and ran for the woods that my squadmates took out later. Truly fun.

Another one was in EJOD,

My squad was tasked with defending the gas station, there was an APC giving us trouble from the city and since I had the HAT kit, my squad leader and I set out on a 2 man mission while the rest of the squad stayed there. We make it to the edge of the city and wait for the APC to show up. We see it and before my HAT warms up, four infantry bail out of it and scatter, I shoot the APC when he isn't looking and my squad leader and I are faced with holding off the four infantrymen. We hide behind some concrete barriers and each one of them decided to charge at the same time, thanks to a lucky nade by SL we managed to stun them and just shoot them like fish in a barrel. We walk back to the Gas Station unharmed.

2009-05-29, 08:20
One time at Seven Gates, me and a full squad of Swedish lads were playing as British.

We got in a firefight with the Chinese, we on the other side of the valley and them on the other side. 6 vs 6.

It was beautiful, it was a real firefight, and everybody knew the rules. The one who shoots the most, will force the other one to fall back.

We lighted them up good and finally they had to fall back

It was really nothing special but it was a good display of the importance of having firepower and fire superiority

2009-05-29, 23:47
pr picture by KarateDoug - Photobucket (http://s176.photobucket.com/albums/w173/KarateDoug/?action=view&current=bf2-20081211-122430.png)

Only have PNG image.

This was the score on a round of Korengal Valley, in v0.80.

If you look at the top 7 scores on the U.S. team, all of them were in my squad. Commander left the squad early to command.

I drove a Command truck to the Laniyol flag, followed by a Humvee full of our squad.

We got to the flag and we built our FB. I set all the wire it would let me, plus both 50cals. The guy with 69 kills sat on that gun the entire round, lighting up the road leading to the flag.

The enemy was relentless in their attack. But so were we. They threw ropes over, drove technicals in, RPG'd us from a distance and molotoved us, but they never succeeded. I had 3 of the squad members (Fire team 1) guard the front access and the other 3, Fire team 2 guarding the rear. We never fully lost the flag or FB the entire round. (I think about 2 hours long). It was crazy and I have never seen such a constant stream of insurgents attack still to this day.

In total we made a total of 203 Confirmed insurgent kills.

We held our ground. Each squad member guarded the spot that I requested of them and we communicated like true pros. This was the result.