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2009-05-11, 00:04
So, I tried to do a epic video about PR but I failed twice.

First because the scenes didnt go how I wished and...

Second the video editor messed up with the things and a wide-screen video became 4:3.

Ah, and to get worse, the server didn't have Battlerecorder, so most of the scenes I filmed with the pilot kit and HUD turned-off. Basicly I was a normal camera-man and director at the same time.

But here it is, try to enjoy :P


Credits to all RBR clan members!

PS: What my other videos in my channel www.youtube.com/romagnolo

2009-05-11, 00:23
Well yeah, I cant say the music fit very well to the footage :razz:

But there were some really nice shots in there though. It's a good PR teaser.

2009-05-11, 00:32
aaah, yes, the song.

I didn't find any good to use as a background.

I was going to use this song here:

YouTube - Nato 2 Movie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElcIV7557XM)

But I thought it wouldn't sound original :P

2009-05-11, 00:51
nice vid, is it like a promotion or something? cuz it looks really well and gives a good view of what PR is all about imo

2009-05-11, 01:09
Hey, its a good video expressing all the different views of PR and I like it!


Edit: my thoughts exactly Nibbit

2009-05-11, 01:20
Wait ! I know that gif !

2009-05-11, 02:35
isn't as terrible as you make it out to be, its rough but i liked it.

2009-05-11, 12:13
Edit: my thoughts exactly Nibbit

great minds think alike!

once again proven

2009-05-11, 12:20
Very good! Youre getting much better!

The aspect ratio, imo, was the biggest "issue" but you can always reexport it yeah?

You really capture the teamwork by simple means, showing the soldiers run behind the firing APC, or stacking up outside and filing in... all very simple but very to the point.

Id say keep this as your test and remake it similarly but just with battlerecorder and fixing up a few things[aspect ratio :P]

I, also, wasnt too big on the music but it gave it a nice south of the border flavor :P

2009-05-11, 12:45
-I love how you hit the civi in the face with the restrainer.

Cpt. Trips
2009-05-11, 12:49
That was pretty good, especially since you didn't have Battlerecorder. I think it would've been better if you didn't have so many perfect line formations, it looked really artificial at some points.

2009-05-11, 13:38

2009-05-11, 13:54
Nice video man, this should be one of the trailers for PR, but too bad its too late now.

and....I really need to stop myself from stuffing PR videos into my Ipod, they are just too awesome!

2009-05-11, 15:54
it is pretty good!

2009-05-11, 17:43
i like it :D

2009-05-11, 18:05
thats anything but bad. i like it :)

2009-05-12, 10:08
What was so fail about it? :confused:

2009-05-12, 13:16
mate that was pretty cool :D i liked how it looked like you were in a tank too when you were flying beside them

2009-05-12, 15:25
Yer was very good, esspecially liked how because you didn't have battle recorder, the tank shots and grappel shots were you moving with them, looked really good

2009-05-16, 05:20
nice vid!!!

2009-05-23, 13:29
nice vid man very nice

2009-05-25, 00:46
Very good video!

2009-06-15, 23:50
Lol is that the final boss music from ace combat?

2009-06-16, 04:31
Really nice vid imo. Shows some of the teamwork in PR like during the ambush and the squad rounding the corner. Really good :)