View Full Version : [Video] British forces equip troops with hover boots

2009-05-10, 22:07
British forces at the front are now recieving these brand new hover boots, allowing the soldier to just float around the battlefield, with no need for walking.


2009-05-10, 22:19
ROFL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NICE!!!!! i told you they had jetpacks in pr, and noone belived me:mrgreen:8)

2009-05-11, 11:53
maby that HAT is just so big that it has its own gravityfield which pulls the soldier up from the face of the earth? who said bf2 engine is unrealistic!?

2009-05-11, 12:12
ahahaha nice1

2009-05-11, 20:14
Project Reality Bug 2 - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/9c6eb/)

2009-05-12, 15:27
How? just how?

2009-05-12, 16:06
Cpl.Small;1020630']How? just how?

Theres always two animations playing at the same time, one for the lower body and one for the upper body. The upper body animations are specific for each weapon (in this video its the HAT deploy animation) and the lower body is just general walking, crouching, crawling animations. This means that you don't have to create like 800 animations for each action and weapon (walking while reloading the HAT, sidestepping while reloading the HAT, jumping while reloading the HAT and so on, just one reloading animation for each weapon and then that gets "pasted" ontop of all the different walking and jumping animations).

Normally they should work together nicely, splitting the animation skeleton in between the two animations but in this case the game fails to play the walking animation on the legs, thus leaving only the upper body animation to be played and what is seen in the video posted is what the raw deploy animation looks like for the HAT.

When someone "turns into a zombie" (not carrying any weapon after being revived) its the reverse, then the lower body animations are played but not the upper body. Sometimes the person that gets reviveds upper body gets stuck in the same position as it was when he was lying on the ground screaming for help, sometimes it defaults back to the default positions for the arms, which is straight out to the side causing the the player to look like he's pretending to be an airplane :-D

Like this

You should see what you can do in the editor, playing multiple animations on top of each other at the same time, It makes the monsters in the silent hill games look normal :p

2009-05-12, 16:48
ha ha thanks man, yer i've seen the revive one many a time :) looks like they have really badly broken arms :D