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White Rock
2009-05-10, 22:28
So i tried to command on barracuda today...

Basically we had some bad landings with choppers trying to land ON FLAGS (DO NOT DO THIS EVER) and i decided someone had to steer things up. So i took the seat and started give some orders and basically try squads not do the stupid stuff like having to many members in squads that only need phew.

I was only gonna stay on for 5 minutes to steer things up.
I ended up sitting the entire round because of the ENDLESS THINGS THAT NEEDED steering up.

God it was awful. Squads weren't listening, or talking. I had long periods of silence followed by everyone talking at once. No one was reporting anything so markers got placed for other squads. I had one squad who didn't say anything for the entire round. No one accepted or declined orders...

I mean no wonder the commander is only played once in 30 rounds. Sitting in a metal box and playing the ugliest RTS ever made with the most unresponsive units in the universe doesn't exactly appeal to... anyone!

Oh well... it had it's moments.


Anyone else tried commanding this version?

2009-05-10, 22:32
Completley know what you mean, you get the squads that just jump to the stage and follow your word, and just massacre everything in their path, but you get the squads that just decline your orders and go hide in the corner of the map supposedly attacking enemy forces.

2009-05-10, 23:27
Oh yes those are in as well. Just like when you go normal infantry you have the chance of getting some pretty awefull facepalm moments :P

I went commander a few times. Last time was Fool's Road chechen side. We did well. Due to good squad-leaders and the russians sending out empty apc's without infantry. I thought it was fun. For me, I first check if I know some people, say Im going CO, see if anyone reply's with: Than Im going SL! and than I will decide if I go CO or not.

2009-05-11, 02:43
Good lord, commanding is annoying. Today I was playing a server where one team was mostly a clan and the other was all ragtag pubbers. You get lectured on how much of an idiot you are (I had a guy sitting in base for 10 minutes with a locked squad and a supply truck, who bitched at me for telling him to move, saying he was restocking), get stuck with either idiot/vanilla/lone wolf squad leaders who either have no idea what they're doing or just do their own thing, have incompentent pilots (I find this the most, even when I'm not commanding), or get SLs that follow orders to the letter but have terrible squad members.

2009-05-11, 05:18
me likes commanding... I need a pack of 20 and a few pints in order to cope though, stressful.

and it ain't half pants when you wait an hour for a JDAM and your most thrilling moment is making an icon go from yellow... to red... :-o :-?

I'd settle for a really crappy black n white view through the SLs SOFLAMs as commander.

Or the ability to deploy a Predator on a quick recon within close proximity of a squad. (not roaming across the whole map) with a camera the CO can watch, make the UAV easy(ish) to shoot down so you can actually feel part of the game as CO

some copy pasta...

REMOVE THE CHOPPERS MINIMAP MARKERS AND 3D MARKERS except for LZs! (you'll hate me for that one)
It'll make LZs required or at least a lot more useful + will make it pretty badass as part of a squad to have to fall back to (near enough to pop smoke) towards a safe LZ to get a pick up.
Don't cry pilots, Imagine how much more fun it'd be to fly without having to stare at a yellow move marker n whatnot? actually looking out the windows to see landmarks etc near LZ areas, make standard keyboard chatter near useless to coordinate transport.

"SQ6 need Evac near LZ Alpha, tall white building, near water tower, Marking with green smoke"

"SQ6 need a pick up"

I went co pilot the other day in a huey on Archer, now it was a hell of a bumpy ride cos the whole jod role was a totally foreign concept (esp within PR)

I would take the orders from SLs of where they wanted to go and put markers down for the pilots respectively.

Had there been a CO then he could have dumped some LZs in safe zones, make pilots unable to see markers (except for LZs) and happy days, squad calls commander for a chopper, CO talks to non flying chopper SL, hee then decides the Safest LZ for the situation and can navigate his chopper pilot towards it.

co piloting = funzorz