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2009-05-09, 13:28
Well here it is, a good 5 months of editing and piecing together. Without further a do, I present to you, Bolt From the Blue!


Wegame:PR Bolt From the Blue: Attack Chopper Montage (http://www.wegame.com/watch/PR_Bolt_From_the_Blue_Attack_Chopper_Montage/) Congratulations Wegame for not screwing something up on first upload LOL (having issues with others)
Youtube: Part One (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvWJhEdAlFU) Part Two (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5QQZaLKKaY)
Filefront Download:BoltFromtheBlue Download File on FileFront (http://files.filefront.com/BoltFromtheBlue/;13731680;/fileinfo.html)

Hope you enjoied it! It is really interesting seeing other videos and strategies used in PR for Attack Choppers. Mora was really the first one I noticed with the videos showing some chopper action in PR. Then others popped up like Zrix and Embra with their Choppah video.
I took our video a different direction and went in to make it like one of those Frag videos you find with those pro CSS or Cod2/4 players. Of course things can still improve I thought new ideas were brought aboard. I can't say enough about how good a pilot Talon is, he knows the boundaries of the attack choppers and knows how to position. If you ever see him on and ask if he will fly, I highly recommend.

I got the name from the rare weather phenomonon called a 'Bolt From the Blue'. A lightning bolt that can strike 20 miles away from the main cell. Very dangerous because it can be vertually blue sky above when it occurs, hence the name. I linked this in a way that Muttrah's sky is blue, and in an instant, a area can be stricken with the Cobra's payload. Of course this applies wherever Attack Choppers are found, especially in the hand of Talon and I. :P

Pilot: =AONO= Talon2342
Gunner: =AONO= Spuz36
Notable Spotters: 1shot1death(all those kashan lases), =AONO= Mariospeedwagon, =DCM= Necessaryevil101, =AONO= The_Gr3y_Kard[]nal, NATO Swordfish, and many others...Spotters are what complete the attack chopper crew, HAVE ONE!!

Random Facts:
My FRAPS folder reads 228Gb
My new 640 Gb HDD now has 200 Gb left (not all footage)
I rendered over 20 test areas
5 Months on and off weekly
Fraps crapped out on me so I had to use Xfire Video later
Most film shot on TexasTeamPlayers Server
I haven't added the kills up if someone wants to do that :P

Songs can be found at the end in order of play. List of programs used is also back there somewhere, as well as some other random video that I plugging in for viewing enjoyment :)

Known errors:
Randering/Upload issues: little lags or gliches are silly and ruin the whole thing. I apologize it does not render right on youtube/vimeo, but if you want full quality go to my filefront and Download
Text at end titles handles 'k' a little weird, may actually look like a 'H'

2009-05-09, 14:38
I endorse this product and/or service :-D

Great movie there, Nice editing, music and general flying/gunning, this is a keeper!

2009-05-09, 14:41
your vid is absolutely amazing, nice frags, good editing and the music fits very well into it.

2009-05-09, 15:04
Very well done, really enjoyed watching it :-D

Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

2009-05-09, 15:36
Yes great editing and nice that you used the music as well :) I loved the effect where you build the scene. First you see the apc on a black screen and than the buildings are added, the street and than the scene starts.

Personally tho: 13 minutes is a bit much to watch. Especially if its just frags. Now your editing is nice if not great, but in essence theres nothing new here. So if I may propose 1 tip: Keep in mind your audience and playtime. I was afraid my 5 minute jabal crash video was too long for most people. And that had some sort of story/event in it instead of just showing off.

Not to rant the video, just speaking my mind about it :) 'cause like I said before: it shows that you put all that work in it!

2009-05-09, 15:48
Nice video man, got it in my ipod(despite the size) , really let me discover many different ways of using the cobra in muttrah, scaring the MECs by hovering infront of their FB blazing away :D

and..is that an AA or a HAT in that last scene?


2009-05-09, 16:03
Nice video, good editing. Love it :D

2009-05-09, 16:08
That would be AA, was not expecting a handheld to be placed there but I suppose stuff like that randomly occurs :P

Yea zombie I understand what you mean, I was considering chopping a song out to make it under 10 for ease of upload to youtube but I'm not sure when I'll get around to another movie. (course with luck I'll start one next week :P ) thanks for the input.

Wow, an Ipod? How did you manage that? I guess there is a big fat 'Download' Button there :razz:

Thanks for all the coolio comments dudes

2009-05-09, 20:56
Very nice flying and awsome video!

2009-05-09, 21:09
Truly pleasuring to watch!

2009-05-09, 21:58
good work Spuz.

2009-05-09, 22:29

2009-05-09, 23:49
Great vid Spuz! Really nice editing tricks ya got there =)

2009-05-10, 00:17


Congratulations !!!

2009-05-10, 11:44
Make colusion for choppers rotors NOW
great vid :mrgreen:

2009-05-10, 12:11
Awesome video mate, really nice editing, great music and just generally insane flying!

What were the songs in it though out of interest?

2009-05-10, 12:26
nice, thou think you overdid it with the effects a bit in some cases, other than that nice vid :)

2009-05-10, 12:28
Awesome video !

2009-05-10, 12:34
Good job Spuzzy :-D

Scot, I'd suggest watching to the very end of the video... :)

2009-05-10, 13:09
Oops, sorry, completely missed that scene first time round :?

2009-05-10, 13:29
Love the random chat on how Arma choppers have fuel lol. Great video one of the best chopper ones i've seen, you got the film to fit perfectly with the music as well. very well done, not sure on some of the effects tho :P

2009-05-10, 18:48
nice montage :)

2009-05-14, 23:16
titan;1018415']Make colusion for choppers rotors NOW

I disagree :p

Just a note to all, the crates at Docks West of the Warehouses cannot be flown through, they like to attack you with magnetic forces!

At the moment I am considering on making a 'Gunning Tutorial' video for those who want to increase their skill as a reliable gunner. At first flight it can be a confusing and daunting task. So watch for that!

Otherwise thanks for all the comments guys, really makes that project go down good. See you on the fields.

2009-05-15, 07:14
Not bad, but some of the video effects were really overdone... felt like a trip.

anyway, great sync with music, and about spitfire; i remember there being a better slightly altered version of it, I think it would of been better.

2009-05-15, 12:07
Not bad, but some of the video effects were really overdone... and about spitfire; i remember there being a better slightly altered version of it, I think it would of been better.

He used a remixed version, the original is a lot better.

2009-05-20, 02:24
Watched it a while ago, amazing the only thing that annoyed my the slightest bit was the compass from the br shots. Other than that amazing video.

2009-05-20, 02:35
Yea, funny how a little cosmetic thing like that can really attract that much attention. Not really planning on having such a long intro on the next montage, but it is fun making things like that to fit the music.

I too remember another spitfire version, but I liked the beginning drums with the bumpmap effect :P

2009-05-23, 04:11
Ok, so I'm just wondering.

For those of you who were questioning the 'effects' that I used, what made them strange? I'm not mad about it, because you also spoke well about it :-o But I just want some feedback. Were they just not fitting the 'style' or 'theme' or were they just out of line for a PR movie? That's something that I am kinda caught on. I know some of the twisty effects were out there, but just wondering what other effects might have made it have a bad flavor in spots

Thanks guys & gals

2009-05-23, 07:54
Very nice what did u use to make the vids i just started making a vid on how to snip so if u can tell me what program u used for the recording that would be good.

2009-05-26, 22:33
Sony Vegas Pro 8 is what I used, think 9 is out now and pretty sure you can get a demo on the Sony site. I would suggest testing other programs too before you decided to get one since they can cost a pretty penny. I know Adobe has a good program out too. Sony and Adobe are the big name brand ones.

2009-05-26, 22:56
Sweet vids mate :)