View Full Version : [Video] Traffic jam @ Fools Road!

Kapt. Kroon
2009-05-05, 23:45
Me being gunner in the first apc and superhornet was driver ... watch this! :15_cheers


( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXw-qY_eiXk )

Lalalala lalalala, elmo songggg!

2009-05-06, 06:01
Hahahahahahahahahah Epic Failure of the conventional force. The Invasion has been posponed by an hour.

I wonder what their reaction was.

Gunner: "Yeah! We're gonna kick some ass with this APC!"

Driver: "Oh yeah! *flips* Oh No Oh no!

Logistics truck driver: "Hey jackass! Get off the road!"

2009-05-06, 07:27
Nice failment right there! nice video :P

2009-05-06, 07:50
ROFL:D thats very funny :D
only one smart BRDM try to swim :D

2009-05-06, 11:56
What an annoying song!
Nice video!

2009-05-06, 12:01
LMAO thats quality song, I wish i had a song :-(

2009-05-06, 12:30
lol, that was quite amusing. Did it you loose you the round? :p

Kapt. Kroon
2009-05-06, 13:44
Rhino;1014453']lol, that was quite amusing. Did it you loose you the round? :pNope, we still won it by capturing all flags ... ;)

2009-05-06, 14:22
If only all vehicles well amphibious eh?

2009-05-06, 16:26
HAHAHAH - HILLARIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sgt. Mahi
2009-05-06, 16:48
I love the part where the truck convoy come... The first truck backing up and creating a beatiful chain reaction. LOL

2009-05-06, 16:51
very amusing :)

2009-05-06, 21:12
Think we need to enforce a speed limit on that hill now, can someone add a sign on Fools Road? :razz: Just to prevent future happenings

2009-05-06, 22:04
LOL!!! i was in here when that happened. i was driving the second truck to arrive and last to leave xD!

lots of fun xD

Kapt. Kroon
2009-05-07, 19:22
LMAO thats quality song, I wish i had a song :-('Just sing TheMedic instead of Elmo!' 'Staaaaaand back' 'This is a song lalalala TheMedic song!'

2009-05-08, 22:52
Best random video of PR lol

2009-05-09, 11:49
nice video! :D

2009-05-09, 12:00
lol i would have c4ed the apc. then let the convey drive on

2009-05-10, 18:40
lmao nice vid, altho, the music has been used in some griefing vids so it kind of reminded me of that o.0

2009-05-11, 12:49
holy crap the Russian army seems easy to be stopped =P maby the Finnish winter war wasnt a miracle xD

2009-05-11, 15:43
nice video! :D

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