View Full Version : [Video] Muttrah Sniper Team (feat Nickbonds antics)

2009-05-05, 17:18
Had a great round on muttrah with henriksive as a sniper team. MEC got pushed right back to the fort. Highlights of the round include me lasing a US FOB and Nickbond mistaking it for a MEC FOB so attacks it in a cobra, killing 2 friendlies, destroying the FOB, and getting himself banned lol.

YouTube - Project Reality 0.85 - Sniper Team - Muttrah City - HD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjTqtI1wySQ&)

2009-05-05, 17:27
Truly epic round :smile:

2009-05-05, 17:44
Haha, Nice :razz:

That was a fun round ! untill i got banned lol

2009-05-05, 17:59
was fuckin hilarious on ts

don i see a lazer
goin in now
bang bang
tk tk tk
*nickbond has been disconected*
arr wtf! im banned!

2009-05-05, 18:08
was funny later to see dondoom saying "any admins on here? my friend has just been banned for no reason"

2009-05-05, 18:12
after watching the whole video,

i was the sniper on the tower in D8 i got dropped of by bond there in his LB, with the HAT hanging off the side,
went afk for about 10mins pop back up bang dead :(

2009-05-05, 18:19
Hahahaha, really nice vid.


great kills too. Accept my video response and send your video as responde to mine so we can link each-other and have more viewers :P

2009-05-05, 18:23
I think I´m in that round too

2009-05-05, 18:40
was that on 10th mountain yesterday? :D

2009-05-05, 19:47
Haha, was a good round yeah :p Nick and me went on the LB in between times we didn't have a Cobra :p
Was pretty succesfull, got a load of kills from that. Nicks maneuvering through the streets was epic.

2009-05-05, 20:05
Yeah it was on 10th :-D
And we were pretty suprised to see that H-at hanging out of that LB driving around as a car, lmao!

2009-05-05, 20:21
yah, that was pretty fun, those things are suprisingly nimble when you push them hard enough :D

and we killed a apc, some infantry and a fair few trucks, think of it like a fast badass flying towhummvie, nailing it down the streets at 80MPH killing stuffs :razz:

2009-05-05, 20:27
Nickbond = nub :p

Nice :D

2009-05-05, 21:21
***EDIT, now I realize it is Text placed over the image.. lol I am a moron, I thought it was some 1337 sniper aiming device.

What is this???

Possibly I dont play sniper often enough to know, but I dont think Ive ever seen this??

**Is that image within the new Specs??**

2009-05-05, 23:10
I wonder if you where the sniper that i nearly landed on at the castle in the beginning of the round when i dropped our own sharpshooter there

Kapt. Kroon
2009-05-05, 23:30
Gotta try that nick/doom style with heavy at.

2009-05-06, 07:53
I wonder if you where the sniper that i nearly landed on at the castle in the beginning of the round when i dropped our own sharpshooter there

no that was someone using a sniper in a normal infantry squad... somepeople eh

2012-06-07, 23:12
nice sniping

2012-06-19, 02:26
Dat necro.

2012-06-20, 11:53
Good! Very good! :D Nice vid :)