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2009-05-04, 19:05
This took place in Muhattran city in A5 KP2.

Me and my squad where laying and ambush for a pesky LAV-25 who had been terrorising our APC's and infantry. I was accrossed the road from my squad trying to spot it while another mate drove a supply truck trying to lure him in. But the APC's had apperently moved on, but then ther was a loud whizzing followed by a "BOOM", the big grey snake had spotted the supply truck, And had commenced emptying his ammo supply on him, the supply truck began hugging the buildings. so I decided to shoot it at 300m with my rifle to make him buzz off......but it might have just pissed him off, Because at that moment he turned and started looking at me with his 20mm. SO of course I did the logical thing and started shooting him some more :duh:. so he did a barrel role while my squad looked on and started lining up their rifles he began his attack, screaming, in rockets blazing and guns blazing.

Then I sprint down to the third floor so I have a roof over my head and he begins circling the building and I open fire right at the cockpit while my squadies open up from acrosed the street :firing:. After his third halo around the building trying to nail me he retreats . We all celebrated :15_cheers ,but little did we know that he was just waiting to strike again :bur2:.

So we set up to move to south city because squad 2 was a little busy inspecting the mountains :roll: . But about the time we spot a truck .BOOM "BOOM" BACNG "CLA-CHING"!! hell fires begin landing all around aloung with 20mm nailing the truck and the side of my building. Then I look north and there he is. the snake had bore his ugly head.

So I grab my rifle and place and attack marker and begin opening up on simi auto :camper:. But then he comes swooping down and begins firing on my position and one of my Squad mates readies the "HAT" the rest grab their rifle. Then they begin circling me so I stand up and start firing at the cobra which is 5m meters away. but then I relies I am down to my last mag. I yell damn and my squad opens fire. But then he spots them and they hit the deck. I ask if anyone is down and I get two confirmations but luckly our medic "Burns" :m1helmet: has them up ASAP. then I hear "BOOM BOOM BOOM" he is back 20mm blazing and I am down to my 444. than there is a loud "whooch" as the "H.A.T" opens up at 40m. But I would be damed if the snake rolled over and dodged it. Then the rest or the squad opens up with their G3A3's ad I ready my Pistol and my nerves :24_smoker because I know my fate is sealed

Then I turn around the corner only to see the snakes circling around me, With my mates bullets riddling his his port side. So I take aim at the pilot of the snake and fire half of my clip :2gunsfiri Then I see a bright flashing light .his co-pilot had opened fire at 15m with his 20mm:35_rip:

But luckily after 10 minutes of fighting he was tired of fighting one squad so he retreated back to his cave. But on his way back he was nailed by SQ3's APC:fryingpan :D .

The total cost of the battle was two wounded and the SL KIA. B

2009-05-05, 15:56
the snake is the cobra right? pretty noob gunner if it is the cobra,not that hard to nail a squad:/

2009-05-05, 16:09
Well that kind of story made me happy. LOL. Some noob pilots on mutrah + well coordinated MEC sq. = much fun?And come to think of it...what a loss for those pilots...they were fighting one squad for so long just to get shot down while going back to rearm?HA. As it's said: If you can't kill it - leave it,or it will kill you.

2009-05-05, 16:32
But but but....It was fun:mrgreen: Besides I wanted to see if enough G3 ammo could kill a cobra! And besides 1 ticket for distracting the cobra that had nailed our FB was worth it.

EDIT: yea the snake is duh cobra.

2009-05-10, 13:45
lol what was the cobra doing hovering outside a building ?
should be high in the sky

2009-05-10, 14:20
1 ticket is worth it when the cobra is worth 10-30 tickets or so.