View Full Version : [Video] fail rock attack

2009-05-02, 19:00
ya.. whene 2 teams run for the same rock in a pub game...

2009-05-02, 19:20
its very cool to see how smoke and suppression effects has alot to say on what is going on.

Also the rate of fire and the cover the teams have. The way the second team kept trying to flank to the right after the smoke had come. And also the grenades that went off, kept the US team from advancing any further, and was constantly suppressed.

Excellent video, id like to see more firefight videos if possible.

2009-05-02, 19:55
cool, a complament=P

i know its not very good, but i was suppried at the tw of the 2 pub teams, and none of us were in a clan i dont think, or not working with our clans at the very least...

i just wish i could use it in high quality instead of low for battlerecorder vids..

also, i was sl on us team...=P

2009-05-03, 10:11
haha nice one :P funny how both teams tried to move to it at the same time