View Full Version : [AAR] Huey of doom

2009-04-28, 02:41
Well, I was on the Chicago Insurgency server and I was flying the Huey around. Then one of the admins (stiffymagnum) had an idea. We fly the huey into the area of the cache but sense me and stuffy are vets we know where the caches usually are in those areas. So, we fly over with C4 in the huey drop it and i fly away. I see the intel text saying that a cache was destroyed. Over vent all I hear is "HOLY SHIT! KILLA WE GOT IT! HOLY SHIT!" a few times. So we try it again. Yet again successful. In the end me stiffy and another pubby named gamr destroyed 4 caches in 5 min before getting taken out by 2 guys with AA and 3 techies. Yes, i'm a pretty good pilot.

2009-10-02, 16:12
good times.

2009-10-02, 18:50
Your just necroing because i was doing that yesterday...

2009-10-02, 20:29
Yeah, H3 it's real hard to fly a Huey around....its all Stiffy's talent that put it into play.