View Full Version : [Video] Stryker Chase through Karbala

2009-04-27, 02:00
Decided to grab a few Techs on Karbala and go hunting in a group. We found a squad and took them out then on the way out, we met up with a Stryker. Now, as I remember 50s hurt a Stryker, so we kept chase and kept him running. Then someone got tracked and the whole pursuit fell apart but none the less it was fun! Xfire sound lags a bit, but you get the point.

Stryker Chase w/ Technicals - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/acc4d/)


2009-04-27, 02:24
I was driver of the blue technical, that shit was awesomely funny!

2009-04-27, 06:17
That vid was AWESOME! It was like something out of the Road Warrior, or Hollywood. I wish I could have been involved in something like that!

2009-04-27, 06:29
hahaha, best PR video i've ever seen, the stryker crew must've wet themselves
does the 12.7 really damage the stryker because i've never bothered trying

2009-04-27, 10:40
Too laggy, it was pissing me off, ill watch it another time

2009-04-27, 14:52
That stryker must have been soloed because if there was a gunner you would all be dead ;). Great video though.

2009-04-27, 15:05
lol nice video showing how one manning armor = epic fail

2009-04-27, 15:06
As far as I am aware, the Stryker is immune to .50 rounds.


2009-04-27, 15:41
Im still trying to figure out how A) even if the stryker was soloing why the driver didnt just hop into the gunners position and destroy you all in about 32 seconds (30 for the warm up and 2 for the distruction :)) and B) why someone was soloing a stryker worth 10 tickets in the first place...

2009-04-27, 16:17
As far as I am aware, the Stryker is immune to .50 rounds.


Well no,it isn't. After about 5-7 mags it explodes, but untill you even get a chance to shot that many at him you would already be dead...so yeah,it's pretty much doesn't matter.(I'm talking 'bout PR ofc not RL just so you know.)

2009-04-27, 20:46
The guy wasn't soloing the Stryker, he had a gunner, he just overheated his gun too early in the fight, and every time it cooled he managed to overheat it soon after.

But still, that was really fun, I stopped driving because I was trying to type and was unaware that the humvee was following us.

Fantastic :D

2009-04-27, 21:04
Newbish gunners dont realize that just because you can shoot your .50 in the Stryker, doesn't mean you should. Takes a couple seconds more AFTER its cooled to be completely usable.

Nice video, I cried a little. Very emotional stuff :D

2009-04-28, 01:05
yea bust you silly goose, but at least you made a nice ending for the video :P

Glad everyone enjoyed it because it was hysterical in the process, he would shoot for like 2 seconds then overheat again...believe there was a line of pee coming out the back...

2009-04-28, 01:40
Had an excellent opportunity there to trash a Stryker. Unfortunately all that I saw was:


Then again, my past experiences (blurred from memory) felt like every 3rd shot from a technical damaged an APC. As if the .50's on Technicals were on a completely different damage scale. I cannot confirm or deny this though.

2009-04-28, 13:07
ha ha, and that's why you should always have a gunner :D i love how you all cicrled it when you first saw it lol