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2009-04-21, 07:53
hello it's been a while since it happened but it did and here is my story.

Al kufrah oilfield

mec team, armor squad

i was gunner in a T-90 at the time and my task was to engage other enemy armor.

we had proparbly engaged and destroyed 2 CH2's and 1-2 apcs when we aproached a position close to the refinery we got ambushed by heavy AT and apcs, i was able to destroy the apc but after a direct hit on the tracks we couldn't move.

the turret was still able so i loaded HE and found the squad and tried to nail em my driver switched to the 50.cal ontop but after a few secs he died and another HAT hit the tank and it began to smoke a dark black smoke, i went to top Mg but it was empty so i went out with my MP5 and first threw all smokes i had and went a bit like rambo and it was thought to be a suicide run.

cause at the time we only had 1 T90 left after an disastrous ambush by the UK
and that was my T-90

I used the knife plenty of times and my MP5 would be smoking hot in RL if it had been so, but i was able to kill not 1 but 2 enemy squad by my own, now i also suspected an enemy apc was gonna take a look so i went back in loaded ap (i only had 2 rounds left by now) and i was right, a squad and an apc.

i aimed well and shot and concentrated on the APC and destroyed it then shot harrasing fire on the enemy squad wich retreated with proparbly heavy casualties.

after this short engagement the commander and the whole team thanked me for doing it and it was well earned cause it wasn't the most ideal spot i got stuck on.

after my tank was repaired i was able to engage and take out another 3 CH2's abd 1 APC before the map ended, and i hadn't died during the entire round and was ranked top.

now this sounds like something just made up BUT i assure you this is a true store from PR

it is your choice if you want to believe or not but for me i know it happened.

(it was in the 0.8 version or one of the 0.7 versions of the mod not .856 btw)

it happened at spring 2008

2009-04-21, 11:26
Nice :)

2009-04-21, 11:59
remind me to run away if I see an MEC crewman jump out of his tank and strat shooting his MP5 0.o lol

2009-04-21, 12:09
yeah. those crewmen are teh dangerous :D

2009-04-21, 17:02
I bet its true... Good work ;)

Wish i was there

2009-04-21, 17:05
it's a true story, I was sort of there. Me and my squad were on the other end of the map, but we read the teamchat and we were taking a lot from a stranded tank :)

good job you tought us never to underestimate an MP5 :)

2009-04-23, 01:27
Good Job...nice story.

2009-05-02, 18:54
well it was all thanks to my elite training in PR and in RL and cause i actually even despite this Chaos kept my calmness.

and thanks for the support^^

never underestidmate a guy. especially me if my armor is trapped and then i am your worst opponent with my MP5. PS i nailed a guy at over 200 with my MP5 and well heh i guess you sometimes are just lucky.

2009-05-02, 19:26
i wish i could have seen the video of this!

Cant we get like a site in the PR website. That says "battlerecorders" Where all servers place their URL for BR files for the battles, with dates and scores? Then we easily can tap into extremly good fotage, which is completly natural. Not "Scripted". But the core of PR gameplay?

2009-05-04, 07:22
that would be 133t

2009-05-04, 09:41
There would have to be a clean up. After a short while it will get pretty large and confusing.

2009-05-07, 12:14
yeah it would have been awesome to have seen former powersurgers like mine for ex or when a guy is able to nail a jet from a technical or that kind of stuff and he wants to see this and also insure ppl he was NOT making things up(cause these kind of events doesen't really happen or occur on a daily basis).

i hope that we could make a reconstruction of this round so ppl will see that the word Impossible doesen't mean it, that it actually just is a bit harder and sometimes takes more time.