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2009-04-17, 02:58
I started with Wrath of the Cobra (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHSxUMJY2E8)with WMM, and decided I needed a new Moviemaking software. So I got Sony Vegas 8. I know some of you may remember my old CAS Montage (http://www.xfire.com/video/57bb7/#), it consisted of mostly some Attack Chopper support and some formation flying. Really was nothing special. I got some base-rape complaints, and I fully agree most of the video WAS just us strafing one of the uncaps. Yea, I know it was cheesy. Compared to this. I've had Sony Vegas for a few months longer and have figured out some nifty effects and decided to sit down and begin another. (just a few weeks after the CAS Montage release, December) Now, in *May(hopefully) I am ready to release it.

But since it is not exactly ready yet...I thought I would release a Trailer for it. Just to give you a feel. This was my first step. I wanted a slick intro and wanted to focus on the helicopter itself, not so much the players. (since the rest will be :roll: ) I used a track from The Italian Job, as it has a urban feel to it. And many of the shots were taken at low altitude. We just joined a empty Muttrah map with BR running and did a few low flybys and such. (Think it was Golden Camel Alliance or something with Camels :P so thank you for running BR)

The title is kind of a long story, I am a huge weather buff, I want to pursue it as a career and a phenomenon that is quite rare is called a 'Bolt From the Blue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolt_from_the_blue)'. It is a lightning bolt that can strike 30 miles away from the top of a Cumulonimbus cloud, and are several times stronger than a regular bolt. The way I see it is the way attack choppers are supposed to be used, quick attacks, get in get out. Kind of fitting with lightning. So I hope you may see the connection. Sit back, get pumped, and enjoy! As usual, video quality is usually cut down a notch while hosting online, so if you feel the need, Download.
Bolt From the Blue Trailer on Vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com/4191917)

Little about the movie itself: Pretty much a full out fragfest. Edited for sync to music. About 12 minutes in length. Sony Vegas 8 and The GIMP used. Many chopper maps used(Kashan, Karbala, Muttrah), Apaches, Cobras, Havoks. Song list a secret for now. Hopeful release in *May. Pilot- =AONO=Talon2342 Gunner- =AONO=Spuz36 Created by Spuz36 (Sw1ss+A1R+F0RC3 on forums) Xfire: elitesuz

2009-04-17, 03:19
Looks good Spuzzy :-D

2009-04-17, 03:29
Pretty nice.

2009-04-17, 07:10
Really nice trailer. One thing I "hated" was the 2 screens with blue text. Does not fit the theme or feeling of the trailer at all. Cool sound-track and syncing btw!

2009-04-17, 20:54
Really nice trailer. One thing I "hated" was the 2 screens with blue text. Does not fit the theme or feeling of the trailer at all. Cool sound-track and syncing btw!

Yea, needed a filler, could have used the same text at least I guess. It was only like 5 tenths of a second worth :P But thanks for noticing the sync, really worked on that.

EDIT: Got it up on Youtube also for anyone having viewing problems,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqLPBttAqAw

2009-04-21, 02:03
Well some things have caught up to me and I have realized that there is still a good portion of the movie to come together. I really want to make it a good work so I would rather take my time on it then splash everything together and have it be sub par. I would say I have 3/5 things pretty locked down and ready. Plus Vegas has been acting up lately and that does me no good :P. Look for it out in May.

2009-04-27, 16:37
Trailer looks great, can't wait to see the full video...

2009-04-27, 18:28
type renderer.drawhud 0 into the concel to get rid of the compass at the bottom, then use the number keys to control speed ;)

pretty good so far :)