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2009-04-16, 06:06
Decided to have some fun on GSA, we were getting raped at Forshan (Qwai River), so we decided to see if we could destroy some armor from the little birds. To quote (I forget his damned name >:{D)

"All I see is a LB coming up, and as soon as I open fire a HAT comes towards me and BOOM"


Also shot down a heli with a GL while in another heli :mrgreen:

Someone told me to post it because it was epic, I just went meh

2009-04-16, 06:32
This has been done.

2009-04-16, 06:35
This has been done.


but its still epic

Has anyone even shot down a heli with an AT kit while in a heli >:D?

2009-04-16, 07:50
I will tell you what is epic.

My squad was building a FB and a little bird flys over and turns around. A friendly chopper flys over our FB and my squad.

A stinger fired from someone on the LB head towards the friendly chopper. The pilot pops flares and sends the stinger off course directly at my squad killing all 6 members, a FB and a truck instantly. Friendly chopper gets away clean.

Now. Who made these Ground to Air weapons. Think they printed the instructions wrong.

Anyone who was playing with me own up. Bludy good timing with that stinger.

2009-04-16, 07:57
2 nights ago I was flying a AirTrans squad, then it got hijacked by some infantry players but I didn't mind because I was basically their personal transport pilot.

Anywho, I was picking them up from near mosque to take them to the last flag. I was coming in to land and popped flares to cover me on the ground, the flares washed out and then I got locked on, so I popped flares on the ground and diverted both aa missiles, just. One hit the ground right underneath the chopper, the splash killing everyone in the squad except me and the squad leader and the second one flew up right into the air.

Then I flew back to the carrier repaired and took the squad back to the last flag.

2009-04-16, 08:55
Omg. The best thing that happened once was that I was teamkilled cause the pilot of the chopper flew into my team and before i shot the heli with the pistol.
And that dumbass jumped outta the chopper.
But that happened in Bf2 Demo.

2009-04-16, 09:48
I remember on qwai once, the attack LB and the Z11 where dogfighting near me. I was chinese. Luckily I had a SA7. I locked and fired, hit the LB and the blast radius took out the Z11 aswell.:p

On muttrah I was in a huey and someone said there was a sniper on the hotel. So I went to investigate. Sure enough he was there. However I forgot about the AA at mosque.

Thinking this could be used to my advantage, I flared and flew over the hotel. The missile came towards me, diverted and detonated killing their sniper. I got safely back to the carrier.:)


True to the thread name, I actually took out almost 3 tanks on kashan once. The drivers popped into the .50, got minigunned out, then the gunners did it and also got minigunned out. The last tank with one guy left in it decided to drive off.

2009-04-16, 15:12
project reality heli fun on Vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com/1286157)