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2009-04-15, 22:34
Hey guys, first time I'm posting here, but let me get on to my point.
Map was Jabal Al Burj, and I decided that I'd try the fireteams in a pub. But it struck me t who can lead the 2nd fire team, which I would use as my suppressing/heavy weapons/assault team, so I stayed quiet during the ride to South Bridge and listened.

In picking my 2nd fireteam leader I was carefully looking out for a gung-ho,loudmouth,and kinda aggressive guy, cause I figured since I as a SL would have to hang back in assaults I'm gonna need a guy who can take the initiative.

If you SLs dont want to play babysitter, and feel guilty about being "pushy"then make fireteams. They do work, as long as your group talks and you have a leadership sense, your guys will follow you and you will be successful.

I don't ussually do well in rural/mountain/outdoor combat but with fireteams, my squad topped our side.

Bottom line : Try out FIRETEAMS!

BTW Our loadout was like this
My Fire team 2nd Fireteam
Me: Officer L: Rifleman
Sq: Medic 2Sq:HAT
Sq2:LAT 2Sq2: AR

2009-04-15, 22:55
My load out depends on the map, but for koregnal valley i have my fireteams in my 6 man squad go 4 (alpha) and 2 (bravo) Alpha has me with Sl kit, medic, riflespec, and combat engineer. well bravo gets a marksman or grenadier (If marksman is there) and automatic rifleman or LAT (depending on the enemys use of vehicles) reason for this my fireteam moves in when the other one stays in the hills or mountains giving medium to heavy fire support. (if you haven't figured it out yet i prefer sticking to the mountains on this map because it's safers and smarter.)

Note haven't tried it but should work well. I will try it once i get through all my fucking school work.:hissyfit: