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2009-04-13, 14:20
Hi guys,

over the past month CB! has been working on its first big (ish) project. The results are a clan video. Admitidly it's not the best in the world but we think that it aint to shabby. Enjoy!


2009-04-13, 15:04
This vis could have been realy good,but as an recriutment vid its poor IMO.
Im not gonna bash this vis,cus im certanly not able to make annything better my self,but i dont think you will recreute alot of people with it...

The plot has been used a lot over the years,but non the less its a very good plot wich opens for manny good sceens.

The music could have been better,but i guess that is in the ear of the beholder :P

I had to stop it half way,but thats just me...im picky ;)

Your script writer does have potential and i strongly encourage you to keep making vids as you will gain a lot of good experience :)

Best of luck to you :)

2009-04-13, 20:26
Yah it's liek clearly the best vid evr.

2009-04-13, 21:00
What the hell is this supposed to be xD
Ever heard of BR ( Battle Recorder )? Try to use that. Also renderer.drawHud 0 is your friend.