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2009-04-11, 00:18
First time using Battlerecorder to make a movie.
The video features multiple angles and perspectives of a dogfight between a Su-30, J-10, and a EuroFighter.

YouTube - Dogfight Qinling Battlerecorder Test (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DncAxbXz0jw&hd=1)


Sometimes it will be hard to tell apart from the J-10 and Eurofighter. It's also really hard to see missiles and flares at high altitudes, so I suggest clicking on the link to watch it on the actual site.

2009-04-11, 00:28
Nice work , really like it ! :)

2009-04-11, 01:07
its pretty good, use renderer.drawhud 0 thou to get rid of the compass, I would also work on the order of your shots in the vid, having the end result at the start etc isn't that good IMO. Try just following the flow, from diffrent views of each plane and freecams and put them in the correct order, with also having the switches quite quick to each shot, not this fade out, back a few mins and on a different view kinda thing. but all in all, pretty good, your getting there :)

the messed up landing gear is quite funny too but not much you can do about that :p

2009-04-11, 01:31
Exciting vid, but yeah just as Rhino says it would have been better to not show the end at the beginning :)

For a first try with BR its awesome, and very exciting wish I could fly like that. Definitely worth watching on the main youtube site and full screening it too 8)

2009-04-11, 02:21
Nice is this from the RIP vs GCA match??

2009-04-11, 02:29
Nice is this from the RIP vs GCA match??

No. Just a regular game on TacticalGamer.

Btw, the first few free camera scenes is showing that the J-10 is guarding the Su-30's tail. Also, I had to use guns to take down the Su-30 since I ran out of air to air missiles.

2009-04-11, 10:37
very nice!

I like the music very much

2009-04-11, 13:41
Sweet looked like a good game, i got deja vu, when the chopper got shot down:-)

2009-04-11, 14:07
Cool, what did you use for getting the credits effects?

2009-04-11, 14:11
what did you use to record it with?

2009-04-11, 14:39
Would hav ebeen coller with a 1p clips to :)

2009-04-11, 16:17
Cool, what did you use for getting the credits effects?
Adobe After Effects

what did you use to record it with?

Stryker Machine
2009-04-11, 20:21
Sweet video mate :D I was just wondering is Fraps free, and if so does it recoed sound as well ? Becasue i want to start recording movies with every detail, purely so i can watch and evaluate what could be done better and soforth.

And Good video, seeing aas you are new to the video making buisness, like myself.