View Full Version : [Video] PRT NATO2 Mobile Air Operations

2009-04-09, 15:39
Some of us messing about on a training server after our squad training :D
watch in high quality


2009-04-09, 21:23
O noes, them CATA are going to use that tactic now in the tournament. Confidential info here, so don't try out these tactics, Timo :p

Man, that was fun. And while my only appearance is when I leave the squad, I did manage to hit a huey at a speed of 2000 in a tornado and send it flying across the runway, literally out of the base :D

2009-04-09, 22:46
I remember doing something very similar after my first training as a nato2.

2009-04-10, 10:48
Yeah the server we were playing on didnt have BR so alot of fun events were missed. But small oh noes you leaked valuable l337 training info >_<