View Full Version : [Video] Civis can't get arrested

2009-04-08, 17:49
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We played a round karbala skirmish and there happened this funny situation.
The Civi didn't get arrested. :)

2009-04-08, 18:51
hahahha :D god damn civilians :D :D

2009-04-08, 20:49
Rofl! That must've been hilarious :lol:

2009-04-08, 21:11
That running chase had me going for a second. Run, man!! :p That was quite a silly teamkill, all for a civilian. In the end, I guess the rock chucker thought it best to just jump. :lol:

2009-04-09, 01:10
suicide=4 min spawn anyway--_--

2009-04-09, 01:12
hahaha, he nearly made it too :D

2009-04-09, 07:38
Funny video! Did you teamkill each other for him? I thought he used the eppi to kill one :P

Chuckle once tried hangin on the rope so we couldnt get him. We than brought up our arresting shotgun and got him.

2009-04-09, 09:52
Insert funny benny hill theme :D

2009-04-09, 14:38
OH ! :lol:

The TK was the win !

2009-04-09, 16:44
LMAO i cant stop laughing

2009-04-10, 01:15
Add benny hill music = gold.

2009-04-24, 03:59
Suicide is the same as an arrest I think and they could shoot civ on the rope if they wanted also

2009-04-27, 17:11
I swear civies are more trouble than they are worth sometimes...