View Full Version : 2 RPGs, 2 BRDMs who to hit first?

2009-04-06, 19:02
Ok so yesturday I was playin Kolzek and my squad set up an ambush on top of a hill and me and another dude had RPGs. so 2 BDRMs stoped right infront of us and droped bunch of Russians and we were spotted. we all got killed ofcourse but it got me thinking who should we go for first? the first BDRM or the second? if we hit and destroy the first the 2nd one will bak up and run away but on the other hand if we dont destory it it will bak up and crash into the 2nd one makin a road block. on the otehr hand if we hit 2nd 1 and destroy it the 1st one wont know and wed have an easy kill.....???????!!!!!! wtf!!!! wat u think?

2009-04-06, 19:23
I think protocol would be to hit the one in the rear, for the reason you mentioned, blocking the first from retreating.

2009-04-06, 19:25
i thought about that but the poblem is what if you miss? the 1st one is much close and its a garanteed kill

2009-04-06, 19:35
I guess it depends on the range, I'm not very good at anything past 75m w/ the RPG so I understand your point.
But if you have no ammo resupply you might try hitting both to make them retreat.

2009-04-06, 21:47
It' B R D M ,not bdrm
.50 caliber kills it in 3 seconds btw.
Shoot the one that's pointing the gun in your direction.

2009-04-07, 03:49
i think its brdm
BRDM-2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRDM-2)

2009-04-07, 07:57
Had nearly same thing other night, 1 apc and one BRDM Used the round on the rear BRDM. That got it burning, crew jumped shot one, and then withdrew ( RAN would be more like it ) chose the rear one for more chance to get away and more chance APC wouldn't like to reverse.

Think it depends more on what type of ambush you have and where your troops are. If had 2 would say use one each and get them panicking more chance of them making mistakes.

2009-04-08, 14:12
Stone 'em

2009-05-13, 07:16
Hit first the one near you then the otrher one...jejej

2009-05-13, 19:46
I would say it depends..
If you were in front of the ambush so to speak, so that your teammates were a block down, i would hit the rear one somewhere narrow, if possible, to block it of. That way, the first one would be forced to drive on, or make a turn that would be hard to pull of in a short amount of time.

Then again, if you were the ones meant to make them stop, and the other ones were to jump then, then sure, just shoot the first one to make the other one crash right into it, given that they are going in a tight formation.
And then I would do it in a somewhat open area, so they cant find immediate cover.
I don't know how close those Russians were, but I guess one could say to close...

But, to conclude, in this case I would say the one in front. Not only would you have a better chance, since you could miss, and still hit the 2. one, you would also prevent the 2. from knowing just where you were for a second, since the first one would be blocking its view on impact. Plus backing up is slower then speeding of, so he would be forced to fight you, still not knowing where you were.

Oh, and I think you should have somebody in your ambush moving to one of the flanks, so that they couldn't find cover that easily

2009-05-13, 22:04
Both of you shoot separate brdms and finish them off with your ak´s (they are very weak)

Or hit the first one because it is the most likely to kill you, and then its in the way of the second one. and probably retreats, but then just kill the leftover inf, get ammo and wait for it too come back.

2009-05-13, 22:14
tomato, your tactic wont work, cuz topic starter speaks about BTRs, not BRDMs :-)