View Full Version : [Video] The Fall and Rise in Karbala PR 0.85

2009-03-29, 21:38
Here is a trailer for my upcoming movie. Hope you guys enjoy it and soon Ill be done with the movie! Thanks!

2009-03-29, 22:18
lol seems a little short, but only trailer. CBpr! are starting a little filming project but its in the very early stages. Probably a 5 or 10 min vid on an attack at the south village in Kashan. Will post more details or maybe even a trailer ;) later. But this one looks good, jeep up the good work

2009-03-29, 22:21
Nice, looks like it will be a really good movie.

2009-03-29, 22:25
Its a movie but recorded from live playing. We were pretty serious and with the editing it should come out great.

You know like Eye Camera that soldiers have etc etc

2009-03-30, 10:56
Trailer could have been better. But still its quite nice :)

2009-03-30, 11:41
I'd say you did a decent job. The setting and mood of the movie comes over pretty well. Altough I think its too bad you left all the icons on.

2009-03-30, 12:03
Is there someway i could remove them ?

2009-03-30, 12:18
render.drawhud 0 I believe. or 1. Google disable bf2 hud and you will find it.

If you do that you almost remove every game element (the voip is the last one) and that makes the movie more believable

2009-03-30, 13:05
The music and switching between screens was good but that about it. Could have done a lot better.

2009-03-30, 16:14
it is not bad but as previous posts already said:

removing HUD makes it a lot better
also the ending of the trailer is kind of abrupt and shows me at least that the project or the trailer isnt thought through completly...

But it is a good start still if you keep on working on it

2009-03-30, 16:44
I love the Ross Kemp In Afghanistan music ;)

2009-04-02, 06:55
I was expecting the whole squad to be blown to pieces by a IED or something at the end then like people yelling or something, but none the less I want to see this :D