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2009-03-27, 13:40
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So here we were. A squad of five. We just left our British base with two Land Rovers, moving towards the west, when we heard the first shots being fired. The adrenaline ran through our bodies, knowing we would encounter the enemy within minutes now.
As we drove accross the beautiful terrain, the sounds of war increased. The blurred sounds from earlier were much clearer now. The sounds of heavy transport helicopters closing in, carrying troops to their destination.


We were heading towards that fine Chinese village, right next to the big lake Qinling is (also) known for. A new squadmember surprised us with his visit. Well, it wasn't the face, but what he brought with him: a new British Scimitar. The sight of the beauty made us forget we were at full war.. but only for a few seconds though.


When we were near the village, we decided to abandon our vehicles. We'd pick them up again, when we returned. We brought our backpacks along though, as we would make a rallying point a bit closer to the village.
As we moved along, the sound of a big, strong engine could be heard. We duck for cover under trees and bushes, hoping that big thing wouldn't catch us. It moved terribly slow, or atleast it felt like it did. When I turned my head, I realized I was standing right next to mobile AA. I barely kept my pants clean!

Fortunately, the enemy decided to move along. They never knew we were there! If only we had C4 or HAT, but alas.. We were just an infantry squad with nothing but standard equipment.
When the enemy was out of sight, we ran towards our objective: the village. While friendly as well as enemy jets passed over, we ran as fast as we could. On the way, we found a nice spot to put our backpacks down, as they were a bit too heavy to carry them in full battle.


The village was pretty much abandoned. We took down a few guards and on occasion, an enemy transport chopper could be seen in the sky, far far away from us. The sounds of gunfire and explosions never stopped though.


We received a couple of supply crates to build a FOB. After we were done, our shovels were pretty much useless as we'd been digging our asses off. Or well, my squad had. We turned the village into one big base of operations. Razorwire and roadblocks everywhere, MG-nests on all sides of the village, securing any possible entrance to the village. It was hard work, but we felt proud of what we had achieved. Our mission was a succes!


Later on, we were pinned down near an old coal mine, by enemies. Very, very hard firefights we got ourselves into. Lost quite a few mates there, darn it. Wish I could bring them back...

We did win that battle though. We got major reinforcements and once we had the situation under control, we could move on to the enemy's main base..... and prevailed!

2009-03-27, 13:46
That was a great round tbh

I loved it when you killed Timo at coalmine and then I arrived...killed your whole squad and picked up a medic kit to heal timo. (timo was not in my squad and asked on mumble for a medic, AD heard this and was very unhappy :) )

oh and my tank squadron had stayed alive...we'd have so got you :P (we arrived at village and were flanked from North. Tank callsign 'Tank Scotland' was the first to die :( )

2009-03-27, 18:42
Yeah nice round that was, shame i had to go half way. Was a lot of people on mumble which is always good. Afterdune, you always make everything sound so epic.

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