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2009-03-25, 20:41
Last night me and my bro, OUT FOX EM, were playing insurgency on Operation Archer we were on the Taliban team and the US had discovered a cache all the way in the North East corner of the map at a rundown airport. So we and some other squads set up defense there and it was looking like we were going to hold it but we didn't. They came in with everything they had. Mainly it was a squad just north of the airport that had sniper, grenadier, and MG support. And we just couldn't hold them. So the Taliban firebase gets taken out and everyone killed except for OUT FOX EM. He's the only one left and flanks all the way at the edge of the map behind that squad to the north and finds their rally that's on the border of the map.

He continues to knife it and is now behind everyone that was trying to find that cache. 1 Taliban vs Multiple squads of Americans = Taliban dead right? Wrong. He finds their sniper and knifes him and literally shoots every American at that airport with the sniper kit. They had no idea where the fire was coming from because they all thought that the sniper was still friendly. So he locks the airport down and one squad is left and hold up inside the Air traffic control tower. Every time someone popped their head out he took it off. Soon they wouldnt come out so this is where I came in. They obviously had a rally inside the building so I come up in a car and sneek inside the airport and into the tower with him covering me. I go all the way up take and take out their rally then I pick him up in my car and we mob out of the airport with the Taliban music playin in the car lol. It was awsome.

Here you can see some of his victims on top of the roof and if you look at the open door at the bottom left hand side you can see me crawling in.

Me clearing out the building..

Giving the all clear.

His score after the carnage.

2009-03-25, 20:59
Nice story :D
must have been fun for your brother.

2009-03-25, 21:07
Nice! Awesome story of leetness! :P doesnt happen a lot haha!

2009-03-25, 22:44
Nice going there mate !

2009-03-25, 23:24
awesome little story there!

really wets my appetite for the easter hols, and chance to play again!

happy hunting in the future

2009-03-26, 07:27
Yeah thanks all for the comments I hope you all have fun battles to come like this one! :)