View Full Version : [Video] Taliban on Korengal

2009-03-20, 15:50
A nice little movie of me shooting a LB down with my AK 74SU on Korengal, after I called in a Mortar Strike on Camp Murphey (US Main) which was cappable, so not really baserape :)
I was playing togheter with AnRK and some random pubbies.
I don't know why the xfire didn't record any of the explosions, it just records the voip and me shooting :/

http://video.xfire.com/90988-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/90988/)

2009-03-20, 16:22
My Xfire doesn't record sound altogether!

Looks fun :P

2009-03-20, 16:59
Too bad its a base rape. Or was that the version where the flag is active?

2009-03-20, 17:11
Yeah, it's the 32 version, flag was cappable.

2009-03-20, 18:15
32, that's the version where you can cap the flag, but not go inside the base? :p

2009-03-20, 18:20
I see. Cool move than ;)