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2004-12-19, 22:11


Dear Fans,

Since it's inception in July 2004, the first mod to be announced for Battlefield 2, Project Reality, has been far from dormant. We have recruited some of the finest talent available and created a professional and dynamic team.

Although this game is scheduled for release in March 2005, we have been going full speed ahead to be best prepared. As you can see from the renders included in this update, we have always strived for Quality and Realism. As has been announced previously, we will include the British. We feel they have been neglected in games over the past decade, given their very real contributions to world events (Desert Storm, Balkans, Afghanistan and currently Iraq). With that said, rest assured we will include a complete British faction (including Soldiers, Weapons & Vehicles). If you want to take the Challenger 2 for a ride, or look down the sights of your SA80 assault rifle, Project Reality will be the place to be.

Joining our team since our last update are the modellers HellSpike, Samonius, and Mind Game. 3 talented individuals with their work already to be seen available for viewing in our Media Gallery (Forums, not Website). We are still seeking Testers, which we'll evaluate by how involved you are in our community (forums).

We are still looking for Skinners / Texture Artists for our vehicles and weapons. If you have past experience and feel you can create a skin that is worthy of the model, drop us a line with portfolio at requiem@dc-nc.com

We would like to thank our growing Community for their support and wish everyone a happy new year.

Sincerely yours,

The Project Reality Team

2004-12-19, 22:30
Absolutely amazing.. this mod is going to rock!

Mind Game
2004-12-19, 22:35
Agreed :P

2004-12-19, 22:41
This mod will be the best on the Market! Its at the top of my list for certain! :D

2004-12-19, 22:43
wow this is great its seemed like the time has flown by ( j/k) nice work though

Ugly Duck
2004-12-19, 23:07
However, the .50 cal on the rover is HUGE. Make it a bit smaller.

2004-12-20, 02:31
So battlefield 2 is coming out in 1...2... omg 3 months thats so far away!

2004-12-20, 02:37
very good models.

one thing (this may just be me) the infantry model, his head comes to a point in the middle. maybe add 2 or 3 more polies to smooth it out?

2004-12-21, 18:55
Coming from a mod who's motto has been "As Real as it gets", it is refreshing to see that the dedication for realism is alive for a game of this nature. Massive thumbs up for the work already done!
Keep it coming but above all, keep it Real! :P