View Full Version : [Video] PRSP Action Movie A must see!

2009-03-16, 23:13
This is an action video of Project Reality Single Player, i would like to thanks USMC Jim USMC for all his help and for the prsp devs for making PRSP happen. This is with my new computer so please, enjoy!

Project Reality Action Movie on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/3677469)

2009-03-16, 23:30
Meh at best. Wasn't very exciting and had me bored most of the time..... however you are getting better at making movies.

2009-03-16, 23:30
Overall a good effort!

I'd advise a couple of things though:

1-Don't show the edge of the map in shots. It looks ugly.

2-Don't move the camera so much unless you're going at a static speed in one direction. If you keep changing direction it looks jerky and bad.

3-Use something more original than Requiem for a Dream as music. Everyone uses it for every conceviable type of video.

4-There's a scene near the end where I can't tell if you attempted slow motion or if your framerate just died. Either way, you shouldn't have used it.

5-Some of your transitions don't quite fit the theme of the video.

6-A couple of times you switched to a video effect for one shot and then went back to normal. I didn't really like it when that happened.

Despite this, a solid video. Good work.

2009-03-16, 23:40
Thanks, yea camera movements im trying to work on a lot more, requiem for a dream, idk why i used it, i was planning on using another song but i got caught up on that one, um last frame rate if it was on jabal al burj in the lil bird i know what your talking about the entire mec team was on the dam and i lagged lol, sorry if you didn't like some of the transitions, and ya i know what your talking about i showed like a staticy type of look in one of my scenes,

Thanks for the feedback!

2009-03-16, 23:41
i thought it was damn good.

other than the transition with the "turn page" feature. That kinda didnt fit.

2009-03-16, 23:42
i thought it was damn good.

other than the transition with the "turn page" feature. That kinda didnt fit.

haha thanks did you see the note i left for you at the end raw?

2009-03-16, 23:43
^ yes i did, much thanks.

Much Thanks!

2009-03-16, 23:44
no problem thanks for helping me get that cobra on.

2009-03-16, 23:50
amazing movie, the best i have seen you done
And thank you, glad to be in the movie
I love being in your movies

2009-03-16, 23:50
no problem

and not to get off topic but ill have the a-10 done tonight for sure.

2009-03-16, 23:54
awesome and thanks for the comment jim always glad to make you do things for me haha jk thx though.

2009-03-17, 11:10
thumbs up for halo music!

2009-03-17, 17:40
Nice video

2009-03-17, 22:49
What I think you should do in the kashan heli scenes is to hit more with the music with explosions on the high tones etc. People tend to cut the scenes and just slap on some music it gets the video to look alittle uninteresting. Alot of the videos you have captured is good, but alot of the places especially at requiem for a dream and the gunner shots feels that you have cut and slapped on some random music. Dont do that.
Slap on the music then you cut. Because when you have alittle break in the music where everything goes slow you can have some slow scenes of tanks moving or something. When the music becomes high and fast go for the action scenes where explosions comes at places when the music builds up and when it hits the tops you make the explosions come it will give a new feel to I am sure.

For example on requiem for a dream you can let the hellfire go in alittle slowmode at the target and 1 second before the music has built up you let it go in normal speed and when th emusic hits the top the hellfire hits its target.

A small tip let the music pic scenes.

Just watch afterdunes vid of a community match for 10 months ago:

It feels that he has picked the music then the scenes fitting to the music.

But it was some great shots, but because of bad editing between music and video it made it alittle boring tbh.

EDIT: Also the black screen between some of the scenes ruins alittle its alittle picky, but try to take them out next time. Its not a bad try a good one tbh, but it could have been so much more.

2009-03-17, 23:05
Hey really appreciate the feed back from everyone. Yes but this was only my 3rd or 4th vid for PR so i am sure that there will be improvement in me next videos. Thanks for everything.

2009-03-19, 17:54
some things to improve on
- transitions: stick with what looks good for the mood of the scene
- camera movements: try to keep it steady (obviously) and remember to cut out the end of clips where you have paused battlerecorder (i.e. 00:33)

you can also try experimenting with contrast, brightness, bloom, vignetting, and other effects to give your videos more of a film-like quality.

2009-03-19, 19:03
Good video,

Got a bit repetitve, i also think the music was a bit over dramatic.

Also a bit too long.

2009-03-22, 18:29
Yea im not so sure why i used that song, i was listening to it while i was editing, and sorry for the repetive, my next one is going to be a planned out movie, its gonna be a good one, will take some time to write my script though.

2009-03-28, 00:13
You used Hamachi right?

2009-04-02, 02:27
Yea i did, its a great program.