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2009-03-16, 22:17
Im not a computer guy so I was nervous and this is my first mod for BF2. Second, the game is really fun and I feel like Im playing on a show thats running on the Military Channel. BTW, this is also my first post, so here it goes.

I finally hooked up with a squad that was playing together, the SL was someone named CanuckCO and he really had his act together. His squad title said he was on Mumbles, so I joined him there also. Being a complete noob to PR an Mumbles, I assume he wants the squad on there, but I still dont know for sure. My VOIP will not work, I have tried every trick in the book but I still cant get it to work. So I was very excited to be able to communicate with my SL. Heres where it goes wrong......

We took a CP then moved to the next, we landed out a couple hundred meters away and laid there. Somebody came running toward our position from the CP, I kept my crosshairs on him for a few seconds, no name tag, he drops to the ground to sight in. I take a shot, but right as I pulled the trigger a blue name tag pops up. AWWWW DAMMMIT MAN. I just did what I swore I wouldnt do. Luckily my aim sucked, but now Im wearing my noob cape for everybody to see, great, just great. I start to type in team chat that Im sorry for the FF but the SL kicked me out of the squad. The SL then typed in team chat about me learning fire discipline. He was absolutely right, lesson learned. I apologized in team chat explaining that its my 2nd day to play. He then invited me back an I said I was sorry again. He asked if it really was my 2nd day an said he would teach me if I stuck with him an I told him I was willing to learn. I made up my mind that I was gonna be glued to him for the rest of the match.

Several minutes later we got some real bad guys (not the blue named bad guys this time) in a barn defending a CP. The SL gets us in a APC and we move up. We bail out and spread out. I run around a corner and two bad guys have their back to me, so I drop em but the third got me in the head. I wait a few seconds to spawn an quickly move back to where we were. I see a squad mate who seems to be in trouble. Im running as fast as my little fingers will let me but Im only half way there when he decides he wants to take a dirt nap. Dammit, Im too late, so I hit the deck. Check my map, awww man my SL is behind me at the Rally Point. I told myself, "Noob, you aint Rambo now get back to your squad." Thats when I jump up and start running back, bullets whizzing all around me "serpentine fool, serpentine." I made it all the way back to my SL an was just about to reapply the glue to his backside when he open hand slaps me with squad kick. Ok, thats on me, I shouldnt have run back out into the field without checking my map but I didnt even get a chance to explain that I was simply trying to make the bad guys run outta bullets. They teach you that tactic in Noob School. Luckily for me he invites me back without saying a word, another hard lesson learned. I typed in Sorry, again. He asked if I spoke English, an I said yes. He asked why dont I use Voip, I told him it doesnt work but I got Mumbles. I alt/tab to make sure Im still on the mumbles server, I am on but he is not. I get back into the game just in time to see a SM shoot the SL in the face. Wait, what??? I said "aww hell no, Imma blast this fool good." But hold up, hows that gonna help, so I wait. The SL spawns an Im thinking good, somebody else can wear this noob cape I been sporting for 30 minutes. I can smell a squad kick a'comming. Boy was I right. The SL kicked me. Really, I mean REALLY!! I quickly said "Hey buddy, I didnt shoot you" in team chat. But he didnt answer, and I let my butt get kicked out for not squading up fast enough.

All in all, it was simply the best game I ever played in all of BF2, it just had a terrible ending. Such is life in the world of online gaming. My SL was a good player and probaly a good guy. Im not calling him out, but I never got to explain myself. Im sure my facts an his facts might be different, but I hope I get to play with him again. Misunderstandings happen, but even as a noob I know they go both ways. So if you see a noob who is trying but still getting it wrong, cut him a little slack. One day we might just save your butt.

2009-03-16, 22:40
Ya know, I think I remember seeing that on chat text " learn some fire discipline ".
IT is tough to ID targets sometimes and the trick for me is to use the caplok map a lot and create little mini-freefire zones for myself whenever I am able.
Then I know the South and SE are clear to fire but Blues to the North and West I have to really ID a target.
When moving in a squad, let the SL flick an observe marker on something while a squadmember further back checks the map for blues.
You have to make it point to keep track of other squads so when you see something, you know if you can shoot right away.
But I would also add that when in a squad, if you see something, call out direction and distance before firing, using your SL as the reference point if possible.
That is the time people don't want to be opening their maps so saying " Right on my body " is not always helpful :)

I would say in your SL defense, without VIOP it is often hard to judge how serious people are when they say sorry for little stuff and some people just get a little too tense about a game sometimes.
I'm glad you enjoyed the game and there are many more out there so keep playing.

2009-03-22, 11:21
Wauw ! That was tough :)
Yea you're right and remember we have ALL been noobs once :)

2009-03-22, 11:44
wauw! and even after such a squad leader you think you had a good game! Because you where new he shouldnt kick you out like that. Even though you have no voip he still has so he should have explained to you why you shouldnt do that. You even realised most of your mistakes in-time before something bad happened.

Good man to still come clean and say you had a good game and know your errors!

2009-03-25, 19:51
I got my VOIP to work now, it only took a new mic. It is now a totally new game. No more silly mistakes. I also got about 8 of my friends trying this mod now and they are hooked. Thats right, we are a squad of noobs, but we all stopped playing BF2 because of all the BS, this game was meant for us. Thanks for the support, we will see you guys on the battlefield.

2009-03-26, 00:02
Dude, tell more stories!

Make it like a, "a newbie coming to PR" and how you make your way up the ranks bla bla bla...

Wouldnt that be fun?

Anyway, i like your attidude, you seem very humble... ;)

2009-03-26, 03:25
Thanks for the compliement Wicca. I cant very well make up stories, but we have had some funny events in our learning process. Maybe more to come.

I dont so much think Im humble, I just get a good laugh when I get team killed or the likes. I try to look at other peoples situation before I react. For example I heard a gunfight on the other side of a wall, so I make way over there. I see a teammate laying down, firing down the road. I lay beside him and see a bad guy an start firing. All of the sudden he turns an blast me. I was a little ticked but then I realized, I scarred the crap outta him, he thought he was by himself. He said sorry and I said no problem. I coulda easily did the whole, "somebody ban this noob, he is tk'ing on purpose." But that is the lazy way out and it only promotes empty servers in the long run. I hope that when I make another noob mistake, they will take a step back and do the same. Players should feel like this game is fun, not going to work.

2009-04-07, 21:08
if you are forgiven as a n00b, forgive a n00b