View Full Version : [AAR] Me- and IED whore

2009-03-13, 19:47
* Operation : Noob who likes to blow stuff up.
* Goals: Kill russian dogs!
* People involved: ParanoidSFguy
* Map: Fools road

* Joined some russian server, map was Fools road. Joined Chechens, took the kit with two IED's (YAY). Grabbed a technical, drove trough forests to the russian flag, some village. Dropped ammo box and went to the bridge. Ambushed a few APC's, trucks. Went home for some vodka and ammo. AND.... a fecking solo BTR-60 was coming towards me... I rammed it (suicide lawl). I got out, ran to the hill, there was an arty gun. The guy got out (LULZ) I destroyed his APC, after this he went to kill me... I killed that bastard with SKS. Got back to the bridge, owned a few APC's , again.
Someone was pretty pissed of... that russian sukinsin shoot randomly. Then he got over the bridge and.... BOOM!

Heres the "poonage" list:
* 2 Logistic Trucks
* 1 BRDM-2
* 3 BTR-60
* 3 BRDM-2 with AT missiles
* 2 Russian soldiers

In the end I killed 13 enemies, got a combat score of 534, teamwork score -3 ( :( ), zero deaths.

P.S. Now, I'm an IED whore 4 life! :-D

2009-03-13, 20:23
Congrats your a whore!!!!

2009-03-13, 20:26
Congrats your a whore!!!!

I have fulfilled my lifetime dream- I'm an IED whore now! WOOT WOOT

2009-03-17, 11:07
What did APC's ever do to you :(

2009-03-17, 14:11
Winters;965734']What did APC's ever do to you :(

Nothing. I just like to make ambushes! ;)

2009-03-17, 22:12
no, the made to much noise while he was trying to sleep=P

2009-03-17, 23:54
An object lesson in base defense.
A squad should have swam over, observed, flanked and run you down like a dog.
Even if the attacking squad lost 5 out of 6 guys to kill him it still would have been cheaper than one truck, let alone the Spandrels, which really are the best counter to the tanks.
A whore you may be, but a careful patient one, GREAT JOB !!!.

2009-03-18, 13:10
sukinsin? U mean polish word sukinsyn(english: son of a bith)?

2009-03-18, 14:27
I meant sukinsin.

A whore you may be, but a careful patient one, GREAT JOB !!!.

He he, thanks!

2009-03-22, 04:08
You forgot to mention that they were all on your team lulz.

2009-03-23, 23:36
I was chechen, they were russians.

2009-03-24, 03:40
I was chechen, they were russians.