View Full Version : [AAR] just a summeys of a good 30min-1hr battle (2 pic)

2009-03-12, 03:27
i forget all squadies names,
i remember :
and somethen like jewkens or close, he knew the map best

ok, first of all, i forget the map name, but its the new one with the tunnels and russion vs check...
well, round starts and were doing not mutch...
we lose tunnel, then 163, sl leaves, we gain 163 and now my squad (i was forced into sl) gose to flank tunnel.
we have 163 go newt and we get inside the tunnels, and start securing and defending.
we take up position and other squads get back 163.
not the fun part, we sit in postion with little engagment for 10 min, sq 8 comes up with at support and takes out e tank, so on and so fourth...
then the fun part, our rally gets overrun, and a full squad w/ a mger are attacking from the north side of the tunnels (all doors had been blown by this point) we learn this becuase our marksmen ran in and alteast 50-75 bullets hit the walls behind him.
we just sit there.
then we have to move back due to realoding+large ammounts of e inf.. i think it was atleast 2-3 squads worth at one time....
we get back and take cover so we can cover both doors into the main tunnel system from the north and south/east entrances.

smoke comes into the hallway from the north side, and bullets start flying, and this continualsy happens for 10 more minutes.

5 min after they start infaltrating the mger on the e team comes up with 2-3 more peaple to the west gate, and he tries to sneak out, not realising that my sm covering that door reported one kill, and whene i got there i saw his head throw the wall.
there team smokes while he randomly shoots, and i throw 2 nades and my tm throws one.

back at north ent the smoke is still comming, and only stoping whene the smoke dies and a new one is starting up... i run up close to some cover and hear a meedic run in
our squad cant waste the ammo, becuase we cant see, and i was alrady down to half, and the rest of the squad was less.... i hear him and toss a nade, then it gose silent for a while while i sit at west ent for a min.
i go back to cheak on north, and a smoke comes in( this whole time i have been continusly placing rallys and them being overrun) and i run throw it into the south side ent door for the main tunnel.. i have 1 grenade come at me and some bullets.

i have my sm toss a few nades and there getten nades returned, i walk out and throw the smoke shoot half a clip at the e and spray into the room.
i just run out, and now there is constant peple comming into the north ent, just one at a time trying to survive, while some from the e are tring to come in north.

finnaly, now probly 20-30 min into this battle, we get some peaple to respond to our reinforcement crys.. they got killed, the e got killed, and we were down to 50 tickts...
this is what was left of the halway
this over all was the last battle of the game, and me and 2 sm did not die once, others did, but we had best pick on location

2009-03-15, 19:58
the map is kozelsk.

and I love the tunnels in that map, crazy firefights in there