View Full Version : [AAR] My first proper night of Reality.

2009-03-11, 18:45
Last night was actually far more successful than the single battle I tried after installation before becoming bogged down with work!

It kicked off with a city battle. I can't remember the name of the map exactly, but it was that one with a gas station outpost near the US base. I squadded up, and got kicked to make room for a member, finding myself with no other options as they were all full, except for a single squad named "Sniper". What the heck. Picked up a sniper kit and joined the friendly guy on comms as his spotter. Picked up several targets and he successfully eliminated them. We went relatively unnoticed for the whole battle, until an enemy slowly emerged through the door. I took him down with my pistol.. hitting my sniper in the head at the same time.

"What happened?"
"An enemy came through the door.. but I got him"
"He shot me first?"
"Nope. I got you too!"

The second map went far better. I squadded up with the same sniper plus a new chap. After having done a brief training map with the helicopters I decided to act as transport for my squad members and test out my new flying skills. After putting one helicopter on it's side, we were soon flying towards our first rally point.. The plan sort of fizzled out after a teamkiller wounded me and I died mid-flight, leaving my crew to plummet to the ground in a hot zone..

I was once again a sniper in a squad in the third map. I was providing cover from the hills beside a city map. I figure they thought I would be less of a liability way out there with no team mates to blow up or shoot in the head accidentally. But I took down some enemies and provided good cover I think :3

I am in love with this mod.

2009-03-11, 18:50
I think ur probably talking about EJOD Desert m8. This was probably meant to go in Tales from the Front Section but meh. Sounds like and awesome round man, keep it up.

2009-03-12, 09:49
Glad you enjoyed it, welcome to the community!

2009-03-12, 10:25
Lol, sniping is Fun, if you have a sniper rifle :)

I remember squading with a guy called Omega smth. we went to the crane area in Mutrah with MEC sniper rifles. Guess what? We scored 25 kills each, and I died just one due to clumsy approach to ladders :)

Of course enemy was trying to climb the crane, but the point is to have a second sniper sometimes observing the ladders.

Thanks Omega for a wonderful round!