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2009-03-09, 01:11
Was playing in Basrah on 0.7, the outpost was garrisoned, and everybody was just kinda sitting there waiting for an attack. Apparently some folks had convinced everybody to stay put by spamming "DEFEND DEFEND DEFEND!".

We are all just staying put, scanning the horizon for surgies, and we see a technical go by on the far east road towards the bridge. We all start shooting at it, but it's so far away I don't think we did anything. That was the only thing we saw yet, so EVERYONE shot at it.

Then, somebody shouts "BOMB CAR!".

Everyone turns out around immediately, as the little red car comes up the center road. The guy just keeps driving, playing the cantina music. Everyone is shooting at him, and I mean everyone. He continues to drive in an exactly straight line. You can see the impacts coming off the car on pretty much every area imaginable, when someone shoots through the windshield and kills the driver. The car runs off the road into the ditch about 50m away from the wall.

Everyone was like "Phew!", and then we just stayed put for a while, when somebody shouts "BOMB TRUCK!".

Everyone turns around again and there it is, the huge semi with the aircraft bomb on it. This guy isn't as determined as the car driver. He's going pretty slow, but as fast as that semi can go. Everyone starts shooting at him, just like last time. The truck is taking so many hits. The driver starts swerving along the road, side to side, as he gets closer and closer to our outpost. 100m, 75m, the sound of the guns are amazing. No one is hitting the driver or the wheels or anything, and no one seems to have an AT kit, because back then it was a sin to bring an AT kit that the surgies could steal.

He's at 50m, and he's not even playing the cantina music. He's still swerving, wildly now, desperately trying to complete his mission. The fire is increased, and we see black smoke coming out of the semi. 30m, 20m, people are throwing grenades now to stop it. 10m, when it stops. Someone finally killed the driver. The truck is right in the center of the road, after it got to 30m he stopped swerving.

So now, we are sitting here, with this huge bomb truck right in front of our base, and nobody knows what to do with it, when all of the sudden another bomb car comes out from behind the bomb truck, starts the cantina music, and blows up our defenses right inside the entrance.

Then, another bomb car comes behind us, another one comes in the front, everybody is panicing, everything is blowing up!

Needless to say, we lost everything in our base, as after than motorcycle bombs came, and we got infiltrated by a squad. We also lost the game, obviously.

Turns out that once the driver of the bomb truck knew he probably wouldn't make it, he stopped swerving to provide cover for any other bomb cars coming up the center road. Because the truck was so huge, nobody could see any little cars coming up behind it.

That was one of the most hair-raising experiences defending the outpost.

2009-03-10, 02:53
Wow, smart driver in the big red is all i can say, i might have actually been their, vaguely remember one of the times that i was playing, we were in the vcd or whatever it was called, and got swarmed by the cars.

2009-03-11, 12:54
Good read :)

2009-03-13, 20:03
Good read :)


2009-03-13, 21:22
Rule one at outpost in Al Basrah always have AT or really good grenadiers because bomb cars are a huge issue there and the spot provides such a great advantage for vehicles needing repairs.