View Full Version : [Video] Operation Phail

2009-03-08, 17:39
Project Reality: Operation Phail - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/8835d/)
Here is my epic phailure with the Huey... please rate and comment.

2009-03-08, 20:45
"shitty" huey?

It is not the best chopper but you my friend just fail.... i stopped watching after the first crash.

2009-03-08, 21:00
Lol, I know. I put another video up of another flight, this time a LB. And it was going good, until the music really kicked in, and I could't really hear the AA lock on signal...

2009-03-08, 21:10
At least you got the crate out.

Rofl. :p

2009-03-08, 21:12
Yeah, that's what messed me up. It fell as I lifted off, and it hit my tail, causing me to swerve.