View Full Version : How would you organize your battlegroup?

2009-03-07, 08:20
Lets say hypothetically that you are playing Kashan AAS mode with everything available as a commander, and you have 31 people willing to be whatever you tell them to be. How would you organize the squads, and why?

Challenger 2 SWE
2009-03-07, 22:30
31 people divided on 15 T-90 tanks in 6 squads, 1 in each tank is engineer.
Come on, you said everything...

2009-03-08, 05:36
funny man huh?

2009-04-17, 14:41
hmm i'd have a 6 man blackhawk squad, (2 black hawks with gunners) a 6 man tank squad (2 tanks) a 2 man air ambulance squad (1 pilot 1 medic with littlebird) a 4 man air support squad (attack heli + jet) then every 1 else infantry

this way I can have gd support and transport, and an air ambulance (cus air ambulances are coool)

single.shot (nor)
2009-04-17, 23:09
two infantery squads, an armour squad with two abrams and a bradley to suppress infantry in abetter way.
a single air sqd(the jets (3) and the two bh's and the lb)

thats 4 squads. im missing something...

oh yes! then i want a sp3kopz squad with two sniperteams for J-dooming and reconnosance for the armour(lb assigned here)

and a logistics squad of three (combat engie, rifleman, rifleman when there is too little to do, ei never, i(the commander) will make the crate-run)

that makes 32!