View Full Version : [AAR] Fools Road, Amazing technical ride

2009-02-28, 22:54
So im playing fools road today (28 feb) as chechen and after joining a squad for the 3rd time in a row where the sl had no mic i decided to set up my own.

The squad filled up pretty quickly and we all piled into a technical with myself driving and headed for the hill objective, things got hot on the way so just put my foot down and went for it!

That decision led to us drivin right through about three enemy squads and two enemy armoured vehicles until we took a jump off a cliff side down to the warehouse obj. We then proceeded to storm through there guns blazin (still in technical) and head towards the main road (which leads to village obj).

About half way down the road (amazed we were all still alive) we were no longer under fire at which point we decided to turn round and head right back through them all again.

In the end we made it all the way back to the second hill objective having dodged 3 LAT rockets, two armour and killed about 8 ruskies between us before finally securing the 2nd Hill objective with the technical barely smoking.
We went on to win the round (eventually taking village!)

All in all probably the funniest and most intense technical ride ive experienced as well as the best squad ive led. Unfortunately a few crashed/were disconnected and left the squad before the round finished.
Im hoping the guys frequent these forums as i cant remember all there names and would really like to squad up with them again.
Good Times :D