View Full Version : [Video] CC does Asad Khal

Charity Case
2009-02-25, 07:12
My first real gameplay video, just a test really. Tell me if you like the audio commentary or not.

2009-02-25, 09:37
nice video cc :)

should get some higher quality and post on youtube for the HD

2009-02-25, 11:06
Lol nice vid, love the commentary :D

2009-02-25, 13:58
Nice video yep :) Not sure if I like the commentary though. Its good and clear and very good to follow. Its just that your just telling whats happening and we can already see that. I do think its better than the usualy heavy metal music though!

2009-02-25, 14:34
Commentary is actually a pretty cool supplement to gameplay footage. I really like hearing ingame voip when watching gameplay videos. You could produce some pretty unique videos if you used your commentary to explain how to perform a maneuver that is being executed ingame against enemies. That would be pretty cool. Sort of like your grenade-into-pillbox tutorial, but with enemy bullets flying around. That would be fun to watch.

2009-02-25, 19:48
Hehe nice video. Was this after Quinling with our uber AA squad?

2009-02-25, 19:58
I liked it! Please make more :) *playing as chechen and making ambushes*

2009-02-25, 20:12
Loved it :)

Commentary was goooood :p

Charity Case
2009-02-25, 22:28
Thanks for the feedback guys. Expect more videos in the near future. My big idea is to make a series of videos of me squadleading, with audio commentary relating to what's happening on screen, and my opinions on the current metagame. In the next video, I'll try and talk less so that you can hear more of the in-game communication.

Hehe nice video. Was this after Quinling with our uber AA squad?Yeah, unfortunately, PR crashed about 10 seconds after I was killed, and then wegame kept screwing up and thinking that I was recording Age of Conan :-?.


Picture quality of future videos will be much better.

2009-02-25, 23:35
Yea if you do it like that than its gonna be awesome :) Video tutorials.

A guy from TacticalGamer (silver) did that with BF2142. He added little text balloons and zoomed the screen to the important stuff. You heard him squadlead and than he added stuff to it like: I use the move marker multiple times short after each other to get the squad's attention.

He could have people play 2142 like a PR squad (almost ;))

2009-02-26, 07:51
Lol "some people get tunnel vision" i love how u say this when u're looking down a tunnel :D