View Full Version : [AAR] I'm going bald from PR!!!

2009-02-23, 17:24
Well my week's vacation is done and guess what I learn yesterday when I was getting a hair cut.?
There was a bald spot where my head set was rubbing on my hair.
Here's how I got this problem:
I have a Plantronics 310 (I beleive 310, its a monophone with an adjustable boom) The joint where the head set extends or retracts from was constantly pulling hair out so I put tape on it, Gorilla Tape (bad idea). And I had it wrapped too thick so it would rub on my head. I basically had a thinner spot on the side of my head from it. Luckily with a 1/2 inch side burns it's disappeared pretty much, hopefully it'll fil back in.
Anyone have an idea for covering that joint so it doesn't yank hair out but the covering material doesn't make me bald from a week of constant playing? :D
Sry no pictures

Oh yeah I was thinking of breaking the part I dont need from my head set and just mounting it on a surplus helmet I have. My brother said (and I quote) "Rob if you start playing games with your helmet on I swear to god I will beat the shit out of you"

2009-02-23, 18:08
Mount it on your helmet and show us a picture of it!:D

2009-02-23, 21:49
"Rob if you start playing games with your helmet on I swear to god I will beat the shit out of you"

You'd be my king if you start playing with an helmet so who cares if he beats you up!

2009-02-24, 03:40
Hmm I have my dad's old beret and Full metal helmet.. so temped to try it now!

2009-02-24, 04:09
Lol I was just thinking last night about how cool/weird it would be to install a headset in a pilots helmet, then to act bad ass put the visor down :D

2009-03-06, 05:52
wear a full DBU and helmet and play. that would be a hoot.

include a loaded weapon as well =p

2009-03-06, 07:49
respect to all helmet players! :)

2009-03-06, 10:12
Go to an electrical supply house and ask for shrink connectors.
That isn't the right word but its a like a plastic sleeve that you slip over wires and then heat until it shrinks around the joint.
They should have something large enough to slide over the mic arm and up to the joint and it will still be semi flexible but it will be thin.