View Full Version : [AAR] A great extraction point

2009-02-21, 07:19
Part 1 Flight of teh maverick - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/7d4a0/)
Flight of teh Maverick - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/7d49b/)

How close can the chopper squad get you?

All the way :P

My bad for not putting AAR in title.

This video was taken on a =US= squad on the map Operation Barracuda in the =RRF= Virginia Mixed Rotation Server. =RRF=Maverick was flying the first Huey and a guy named Lockheed Martin was in the second one. I, recorded the video using xfire video capture at half size to reduce upload time and system stress, so sorry for the fuzziness.

2009-02-21, 07:46
i'd flame the pilots so hard, but then i noticed it was the end of the round :P

2009-02-21, 08:26
you guys have some of the craziest and best pilots i ever seen...your some of the few i trust outside my clan :)

2009-02-21, 09:37
they didn't get it out again, did they?

2009-02-21, 15:26
Reminds me of the kashan insertions.

What do you do when your tanks are down, you are losing the bunkers, and every entry to them is covered by tanks?

You get a blackhawk, and fly full speed into a bunker with a quick landing.:-D

2009-02-21, 16:50
well, I woulda made it out, cept that mr Lockheed flew in right after me, and took longer, and then the game ended ='(

2009-02-22, 03:00
Maybe I should find your pilots and fly with them :P

That was some crazy stuff :D, If PR had Propeller collisions, youd all be screwed in there :P

2009-02-22, 04:56
Impressive, but I'll take a perfectly executed insertion/extraction/supply drop into a useful place over that any day.

2009-02-22, 07:35
Ha ha I was there on china just died listening to them yell on ts and vent and in type :/ lol

2009-02-27, 00:11
Hopefully when we get back on that map, we can do a vid of us getting back out of there =)