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2009-02-17, 04:18
I have a headset, which includes a mic. Most of the time however, due to the fact that the computer is in the living room, I can not talk as that would annoy and disturb the other people in the room. I normally avoid being squad leader for this reason. There are times however when I must be squad leader. My thoughts here are to help those put in a similar position.

You will not be nearly as an effective squad leader without talking as you could if you were able to talk. That being said, you can still be quite effective, more so then commonly believed. What I mean by effective, is capping flags and winning games. To be effective however, I suggest following a couple tips. The following is a pragmatic guide about pubbing in PR. This has nothing to do with organized super squads. This is about trying to be somewhat effective with a bunch of random strangers. Note, this works for AAS, as the objectives are clear. Insurgency is more complicated and effectiveness will be lower.

When the game is first starting, place a move marker on the place where you want to people to spawn. This may get one or two people in your squad to spawn there. This is also one of the only times when you can afford to use the chat. Do this to try to convince more people to spawn at the point. When the game actually begins, your goal is to have hopefully two thirds spawn were you want to. At minimum, you should have two squad members with you.

Right away, place a move marker, not through the map but through the T comm rose, around 20m away. You must get good at using the T comm rose to place markers while running and walking. Place markers extremely often, and never more then 40m away from you. I have found that pubbies respond to this by following the orders. This is because you are placing them often, and such the orders seem very relevant, and the order is easily achieved because it is close by. A pubbie who sees a move marker 300m away will not even try to get there.

Now, start placing rallies. Also do this extremely often. Every 30m-40m set a rally. Don't stop; get good at placing a rally while on the move. What happens now is the other third of your squad who spawned in random locations, and who have now died, will spawn and join your squad. Soon, you should have your entire squad following you. Keep placing those move markers and keep setting those rallies.

When you get close to the objective, put the rally in a good, hidden spot. Now get on the flag. Most people are not idiots when it comes to attacking and capping a flag once they are there, because they have done it so often and it is not complicated. Basically it comes down to who has more bodies on the flag. They will do fine without much interference from you.

That is it. Just remember the next time you are stuck as squad leader and are not able to talk, all is not lost. Place move markers and rallies very frequently, and you should have an at least average game experience. The goal is to avoid those really crappy games. This is really simple advice, I post it only because to my surprise I find people not doing this.

That is all.
- GeZe

2009-02-17, 09:37
you got some good points there GeZe. reminds me of the commonplace tactic to guide the blue mob to an effective spot by building a FB there :D